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© Juuso Lahtinen
© Juuso Lahtinen
© Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
© Juuso Lahtinen
© Juuso Lahtinen

Minna Tuohisto-Kokko

  • Glass sculptor
  • Koskenkorva, Finland
  • Master Artisan
Minna Tuohisto-Kokko Glass sculptor
Finnish, English
By appointment only
+358 503130222
© Jussi Tuohisto-Kokko

Making waves in Finnish glass

  • • Minna's deep ideas and thoughts are expressed in glass
  • • She is known for innovations in glass mosaics
  • • She is skilled in coldworking techniques

With a graphic eye and love of Finnish nature, Minna Tuohisto-Kokko is one of the very few glass artists working in Finland. She had long dreamed of becoming a glassblowing artist, but came up against a lack of local educational opportunities. Later, she found her passion for cold glass by following a master artisan, Mary Jane Gregory, who brought the technique to the Finnish glass scene for the first time. Minna is inspired by the colours and possibilities that glass can offer. During her long career she has had multiple international exhibitions and has represented Finnish art with her work in Finland and abroad. Currently, she is making waves in the glass mosaic scene with her new approaches and techniques.

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  • © Anri Gorski
  • © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
  • © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
  • © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
  • © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
Photo: © Anri Gorski
Ääretön rakkaus – The Infinite Love

This mosaic sculpture, The Infinite Love, describes endless love, or the notion of doing anything for one's family. The sculpture was created using traditional mosaic making techniques. First, the shape of the sculpture was created and glass cut into pieces or melted. These pieces were then meticulously assembled by hand onto the structure.

Length 16 cm
Width 78 cm
Height 45 cm
Height 100 cm

Photo: © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
Kasvu – The New Sprout

This blue glass bowl symbolises growing and the choices one must take when unsure of what lies ahead behind different doors. Minna Tuohisto-Kokko first cut glass into pieces and then fused them together. She then proceeded to a second fusing using a mould.

Diameter 28 cm

Photo: © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
Luovuus – The Creativity

This glass sculpture, The Creativity, is a part of Minna Tuohisto-Kokko’s The Wells of Life series, an allegory of the endless possibilities of creativity. First the shape of the sculpture was created, then coloured mirror glass was cut into pieces and combined using a mosaic technique.

Diameter 48 cm
Height 11 cm

Photo: © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
Seppele – The Wreath

Nature is an important inspiration for Minna Tuohisto-Kokko’s work. This sculptural glass wreath describes the circle of life. Every glass leaf was cut individually, before being fused together.

Diameter 38 cm

Photo: © Minna Tuohisto-Kokko
Toivomus – The Wish

This sculptural glass piece, The Wish, is a part of Minna Tuohisto-Kokko’s The Wells of Life series. This well reminds us to hold on to our dreams and actively pursue them, so that someday they will come true. First the shape of the sculpture was created. All the pieces of coloured mirror glass were cut and then joined together using mosaic techniques.

Height 12 cm
Diameter 69 cm

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