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© Matija Grgas
© Matija Grgas
© Matija Grgas
© Matija Grgas

Milivoj Ivo Golub

  • Kopiraona ključeva i bačvar
  • Barrel maker
  • Jastrebarsko, Croatia
  • Master Artisan
Milivoj Ivo Golub Barrel maker
Croatian, English
Daily 08:30 - 17:00
+385 958003960
© Matija Grgas

Enhancing the quality of wine

  • • Milivoj is part of a long cooperage tradition in the region
  • • He makes barrels, casks and wooden utensils for the wine industry
  • • He has a unique collection of local tools and objects

Continuing the tradition of cooperage in the Jaska region, in 1962 Mirko Golub founded the cooperage workshop Golub. Together with his brother Franjo, he made new wooden utensils and repaired used ones, primarily for the wine-growing areas of Plešivica and Zagorje, near Zagreb, but also beyond. Today, the workshop is led by Milivoj Ivo Golub, the second, university-educated generation of the family, who combines traditional knowledge with new skills and technological advancements in order to make quality wooden barrels and casks capable of ageing the most natural and delicious wines. The inspiration for continuing this craft, according to Mirko, is the satisfaction of their customers.

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  • © Matija Grgas
  • © Matija Grgas
  • © Matija Grgas
  • © Matija Grgas
Photo: © Matija Grgas
Round barrel

This handcrafted oak barrel, intended for ageing wine, has been toasted and bent on an open fire. It is fitted with iron hoops and can hold 230 litres of wine.

Volume 230 ltr
Height 90 cm
Diameter 73 cm

Photo: © Matija Grgas
Small round barrel

This handcrafted, small, round, toasted barrel is intended for liquors such as brandy. The barrel is built from a combination of oak and acacia wood, held together with iron hoops. It can hold 10 litres.

Volume 10 ltr
Height 35 cm
Diameter 35 cm

Photo: © Matija Grgas

This handcrafted fir wood cask is intended for homemade sauerkraut, finely cut fermented cabbage. This cask can hold 120 litres.

Volume 120 ltr
Height 70 cm
Diameter 50 cm

Photo: © Matija Grgas
Wooden bar chair

This wooden bar stool has been handcrafted from various barrel parts including the iron hoops and fir wood panels. The seat is ideal for a wine tasting room.

Height 75 cm
Diameter 35 cm

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