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© Manos Gikas
© Adigoni Fitrou
© Manos Gikas
© Costas Mitropoulos

Michael Arvanitis

  • X[ξ]YLO Wood Design Santorini
  • Wood sculptor
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Rising Star
Michael Arvanitis Wood sculptor
Greek, English
Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 22:00, Sunday 11:00 - 22:00 (April - November)
+30 6984478512
© Adigoni Fitrou

Wood poetry

  • • Michael works with a wide variety of woods
  • • For him, carving resonates with joy
  • • He established his gallery on Santorini island

Based on the characteristic island of Santorini, Greek wood carver Michael Arvanitis produces series of sculpted objects, whether decorative or functional, realistic or abstract. Michael’s relationship with wood began in childhood when he was assisting his father, a wooden furniture maker. Inspired by ancient Greek pottery, Santorini’s architecture or simply the different qualities of wood, each object created by Michael tells a unique story. In 2020 he opened his gallery where his poetic collection of sculptures is showcased in a sober and elegant environment.

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  • © Costas Mitropoulos
  • © Costas Mitropoulos
  • © Costas Mitropoulos
  • © Costas Mitropoulos
  • © Costas Mitropoulos
Photo: © Costas Mitropoulos
Pattern of touch

This wall sculpture is made of red Oak and Cherry tree wood. The natural colour of the wood is enhanced by a polyurethane varnish. This decorative piece presents two soulful carved faces that have been cut in parallel lines.

Length 19.5 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 12 cm
Length 21.5 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 13.5 cm

Photo: © Costas Mitropoulos
Written and Touchable

Made of red Oak wood, this carved book is engraved with the lyrics of the "Ode to Santorini", by Odysseus Elytis. In this poem, the author mythologises the island as a utopia, glorifying its beauty and splendour. Michael thus refers to his native land, which greatly inspires his work. The wood has been varnished using the brush technique.

Length 37 cm
Width 24 cm
Height 9.5 cm

Photo: © Costas Mitropoulos

This sculpted hand, mounted on a white marble base, is made of Iroko wood. It was painted with polyurethane varnish to enhance the natural colour of the wood. With this decorative sculpture Michael presents a praying hand.

Length 10.5 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 29 cm

Photo: © Costas Mitropoulos
Disposal of beauty

With this decorative sculpture, Michael reflects on the notion of love. The woman’s figure, mounted on a white marble base, is made of Utile wood varnished to enhance its natural colour. Within the harmony of the different curves, the sculpture reflects a delicate balance.

Length 16 cm
Width 6 cm
Height 41 cm

Photo: © Costas Mitropoulos

Melodious is a decorative wooden sculpture featuring two small birds, face to face, on a branch. Delicately carved from red Oak and Greek Beech wood, the piece is painted with a polyurethane varnish. The small size of the birds reveals Michael's meticulous workmanship.

Length 33 cm
Width 5 cm
Height 7.5 cm

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