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© Lasha Adamashvili
© Lasha Adamashvili
© Lasha Adamashvili
© Lasha Adamashvili
© Leliaphotostudio

Medea Qoqiashvili

Medea Qoqiashvili Ceramicist
By appointment only
+995 593000092
© Lasha Adamashvili

Telling human stories through ceramics

  • • Medea started her career as a ceramist at the age of 16
  • • 80 percent of her works are made in Georgian red clay
  • • Her main inspiration is human stories and emotions

A graduate of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Medea Qoqiashvili chose her artistic career at the age of 16, when she decided to express her feelings and human stories through clay and expressive shapes. “It felt wonderful to tell a story by modelling the details with my own hands. Sculpting is the nicest part of the process.” After finishing her studies, Medea worked at various ceramics workshops, where she received valuable experience from prominent ceramics masters, who gave her encouragement as well as freedom of creativity. Medea works on decorative objects – kitchenware and household items – by applying various techniques. “Ceramics has a crucial role in my life. It makes me feel accomplished, as I can express my thoughts, happiness and anger with it. Some people need a vacation or friends to relax and feel good; for me, clay is enough!”

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  • © Leliaphotostudio
  • © Leliaphotostudio
  • © Leliaphotostudio
  • © Leliaphotostudio
  • © Leliaphotostudio
Photo: © Leliaphotostudio
Portrait of me

The portrait of this vase, handcrafted from grog clay, executed in a childish manner, is placed against the dark greenish and white background. The vase is painted with a pigment and glazed. The grog clay used as a material gives a rustic texture to the surface, which in turn perfectly fits with the overall naïve spirit of the work. The vase features the drawing by Medea’s son, her portrait through his eyes – "how my son sees me".

Height 20 cm
Diameter 18 cm

Photo: © Leliaphotostudio
The Golden Man

This hand-built vase, handcrafted from red clay, has an ovoid shape and narrow opening. The bulbous part of the vessel features a human figure painted with a golden, light brownish glaze. The human figure is placed against the ivory-white background. The terracotta colour of the clay is sporadically seen through the roughly applied white slip, which brings more unity to the overall white and brown colour palette.

Height 27 cm
Diameter 25 cm

Photo: © Leliaphotostudio

This hand-built ceramic vase is crafted from red clay using a Terra Sigillata technique. It has a bulbous shape with a profiled opening on the top. It features two stylised sculptural human figures, one on the bottom holding the vessel with his hands and head in profile, the other on the top, looking inside the cavetto of the vase.

Height 16 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Leliaphotostudio
Father and son

Father and son is a vase handcrafted from red clay decorated with Terra Sigillata. With its bulbous body with handle-like shape on the top, it represents a certain synthesis of vessel shapes and anthropomorphic forms. The sculpture rests upon the stylised feet, while the figure of the father and the son, residing on its back, are placed diagonally on the top of the main body. The human forms are extremely stylised, reduced to basic geometric shapes.

Length 40 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 35 cm

Photo: © Leliaphotostudio

Two is a double-sided hand-built vase, crafted from red clay with a black-smoked ceramic coating. Both the verso and recto sides feature two different versions of interconnected incised human faces, resting upon a rectangular ceramic base with two rectangular openings. The sculpture has a separate rectangular metal base.

Length 7 cm
Width 4 cm
Height 9 cm

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