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©Domagoj Sever
©Domagoj Sever
©Domagoj Sever
©Domagoj Sever
©Domagoj Sever


  • Ceramics
  • Jerovec, Croatia
  • Atelier
  • Open to the public
Mecena Ceramics
Monday to Friday 07:00 - 15:00
+385 997381680
©Domagoj Sever

Mecena is a ceramics atelier situated in Ivanec village in north west Croatia. Founded in 2003, the atelier continues both a family but also a regional tradition of pottery making. Mecena is the only remaining pottery centre in this part of Croatia. The village is situated on top of a very rich clay deposit. The local clay is distinctively red in colour after firing, which makes it quite recognizable. The products are made by hand in a traditional manner, on a potter's wheel, but also using modern technologies to reach the desired level of quality. The workshop is part of the family home, which makes it an integral part of daily life for the Kuća family.

©Domagoj Sever

The family learned all the secrets of pottery making from their grandfather, from clay preparation, wheel throwing, painting and glazing to firing. Guided by the aesthetics of past times, Mecena create products that fit into every modern home, primarily the kitchen, such as vessels and cookware. 50 years ago, one of the very few wooden firing kilns was built the backyard of the Kuća family home. It was used by both themselves and their neighbouring potters. During the hot summer nights, people would gather by the kiln to socialise, bake potatoes or corn, and share their stories.

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