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©Andrea Borgini
©Andrea Borgini
©Andrea Borgini
©Andrea Borgini

Maurizio Betti

  • La Bottega di Betti
  • Woodworker
  • Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Maurizio Betti Woodworker
©Andrea Borgini

The aviary maker

  • • Maurizio’s father was a restorer and a lacquerer
  • • His partner Loredana is a professional decorator
  • • He has a deep interest in ornithology

Maurizio Betti inherited his interest in craft activities from his father Pasquale, who was in the 1970s an official restorer for the Municipality of Rimini: he helped restore the famous and beautiful Roman mosaic that depicts the ancient port of Rimini. Genuine art, in Maurizio’s opinion, "is about truth, goodness and beauty": that’s why his greatest masterpieces are the big and scenographic aviaries, which protect birds from cold and bad weather. Maurizio has loved birds ever since he was a child: his grandfather was a gardener and taught him a lot about nature and animals. Today Maurizio works with his partner Loredana, a professional decorator, and his son Jonathan. Together they run a workshop located in an old stable surrounded by a fairytale garden.

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  • ©Andrea Borgini
  • ©Andrea Borgini
  • ©Andrea Borgini
  • ©Andrea Borgini
  • ©All rights reserved
Photo: ©Andrea Borgini
Voliera Cineseria

Wooden birdcage for indoor use. It features an elongated octagonal base, two doors with a sliding chest compartment underneath, internal and external removable nests, ceramic drinking fountain with running water system and an internal led lighting system. Decorated with exotic birds, gold leaf and black and china red lacquer. Demountable and equipped with wheels. Its interior offers a good quality of life to its guests.

Height 300 cm

Photo: ©Andrea Borgini
Voliera Inseparabile

Birdcage for a pair of lovebirds with wheels and sliding curtains. Internally lined with sheet metal to protect the wood from gnawing parrots. Equipped with a sliding drawer, side doors, external inspection nests and a ceramic tray for water and food. The roof is surmounted by the ceramic portrait of the two guests of the house. Finely decorated with birds and dragonflies.

Height 260 cm

Photo: ©Andrea Borgini
Voliera Pagoda

Wooden birdcage for indoor or porch use, of oriental inspiration. It features an octagonal base, two opening doors, a sliding chest of drawers with a large compartment underneath. Completed with nests, headrests, water and food trays. Handcrafted and lacquered in sugar paper and ivory colour. Demountable and equipped with wheels. Its spacious and bright interior offers a good quality of life to its guests.

Height 300 cm

Photo: ©Andrea Borgini
Voliera Pantheon

Restoration of an original birdcage from the 1800s. It features a wheeled base, four columns, four garland silhouettes, and a sliding wooden dresser that support it and enhance its practicality. Decorated and lacquered by hand.

Height 170 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Voliera Una

This aviary for small species of exotic birds is intended for indoor use. It was designed and built entirely by hand, in wood, with shapes inspired by 19th-century aesthetics. The aviary is decorated with paintings representing four pairs of different species of canaries, species suitable for living inside. At the base, elements of study of the ornithologist are set – evoking a small naturalistic museum.

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