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©Maryse Dugois-ADAGP
©Maryse Dugois-ADAGP
©Maryse Dugois-ADAGP
©Maryse Dugois-ADAGP

Maryse Dugois

  • Paper sculptor
  • Saint Brieuc, France
  • Master Artisan
Maryse Dugois Paper sculptor
By appointment only
©Maryse Dugois-ADAGP

The poetry of silk paper

  • • Maryse creates poetic works made out of silk paper for prestigious fashion houses
  • • Her sculptures play with light
  • • Each project is a source of discovery and innovation

Maryse Dugois knew from an early age that she wanted to work in a creative field. She attended the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris, but it was not until she moved to Brittany, where she lives and works, that she began to create truly personal works. Maryse's customers usually give her carte blanche to create works. Inspired by childhood memories, her delicate works capture the light and emotion of nature in suspension, like the light that magnifies the whiteness of an apple blossom swaying in the spring breeze. While her graceful flowers are renowned, her creations are rooted in the rich evocation of nature. The technical aspect of her work fades into the background, giving way to the magic of her suspended decorations.

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  • ©Maryse Dugois
  • ©Maryse Dugois
  • ©Maryse Dugois
  • ©Maryse Dugois
  • ©Maryse Dugois
Photo: ©Maryse Dugois
Windows for Shalimar, Guerlain

This custom-made set design is made of pleated discs and cascades of roses and is used for all Guerlain display windows.

Photo: ©Maryse Dugois

This sculpture is entirely created with tissue paper, without a frame or support structure, so that the light can play without hindrance. This fluidity allows the revealing of the effects of the pleated paper.

Photo: ©Maryse Dugois

This paper lace can be used in different shapes and sizes to create a semi-transparent decorations. The resin used to form the shape of the paper mesh is made by a specialised company and allows decorative panels to be made.

Photo: ©Maryse Dugois

This wall sculpture is made of a multitude of folds assembled in concentric circles. It shimmers in the light like the iris of an imaginary eye does.

Photo: ©Maryse Dugois

Both refined and spectacular in its expression of lightness and transparency, this tissue paper sculpture unfolds in a set of modular petals. It has the particularity of keeping its shape in all positions, so it can be suspended or placed down.

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