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©Orsolya Vamos
©Orsolya Vamos
©Márta Kanics
©Orsolya Vamos
©Márta Kanics

Márta Kanics

  • Maartka
  • Weaver
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Master Artisan
Márta Kanics Weaver
Hungarian, English
By appointment only
+36 205177507
©Orsolya Vamos

Conscious colours

  • • Márta's work plays with the therapeutic benefits of colour
  • • She experiments with phosphorescent, uv-reagent and reflective surfaces
  • • She is open to the use of innovative techniques

The uniqueness of Márta Kanics' work lies primarily in the conscious use of colour and the mixing of traditional techniques with innovative solutions. She uses phosphorescent, uv reagent and reflective paints, ribbons, steel wires and different colours to make her unusual creations. Her interest in innovative textiles and the renaissance of handicraft techniques are a constant source of inspiration for Márta. In parallel to her continuous study of new materials and traditional technologies, she also researches colour theory. In her opinion, colours have a therapeutic effect, and one of her main goals is to develop people's colour awareness through workshops in the future.

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  • ©Márta Kanics
  • ©Márta Kanics
  • ©Márta Kanics
  • ©Márta Kanics
Photo: ©Márta Kanics
Cheer up! collection

These coasters, part of Marta Kanics’s Cheer up! collection, focus on harmony of colours. The coasters are made with the technique of needle felting from dry wool and felt wool. As it is needle felted, the pieces becomes double-sided. Marta has been working on the Cheer up! collection since 2007, continuously improving and expanding it.

Height 9 cm
Width 9 cm

Photo: ©Márta Kanics
Cheer up! table mat

This table mat, crafted with a needle felting technique, is made of dry wool and felt wool. Light green, turquoise and yellow forms create a perfect colour harmony.

Height 42 cm
Width 37 cm

Photo: ©Márta Kanics
Cheer up! cushions

The front of the Cheer up! cushions are crafted with the technique of needle felting and made from dry wool and felt wool. The backs of the cushions are crafted from black cotton fabric. The colour mood of the eight round samples placed on the left side of the cushions are based on warm and cold colour tones.

Height 50 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: ©Márta Kanics
Knots cushion

This handwoven Knots cushion is part of Marta Kanics’s Knots collection. The special colour of the cushion is given by the salmon-dyed warp yarn and the pink cotton linen weft yarn. The hand knotted surface of the front of the cushion is made of reflective ribbon.

Length 50 cm
Width 3 cm
Height 50 cm

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