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Marta Herrero Arias

  • Missmsmith
  • Paper cutter
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Rising Star
Marta Herrero Arias Paper cutter
Spanish, English, French
By appointment only
+34 617277677

Disconnecting through paper

  • • Marta is self-taught
  • • She is inspired by the shapes of nature
  • • She considers paper a versatile material

When asked why she decided to embrace creating with paper, Marta Herrero Arias’s response is more of a statement: “It was the need to find an alternative to technology and our being connected 24/7.” Self-taught, she has always been fascinated by the magic of touching and feeling materials. She feels an inner connection with the feel of the creative process, for which paper is a perfect material due to its versatility, and which she expresses through her painting and making. Marta works on both small and large scale projects, collaborating with brands and artists, using her hands, scissors and markers to craft her dreamy world. Each piece is unique, she personally chooses the paper according to its weight, texture, pattern and colour and occasionally incorporating wasabi or paper recycled from textiles or organic waste.

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  • ©Ana Gaspar Fotografía
  • ©Missmsmith
  • ©Missmsmith
  • ©Missmsmith
  • ©Missmsmith
Photo: ©Ana Gaspar Fotografía
Gardenia Waterfall

This cascade of flowers, handcrafted from paper, was created for the Madrilenian garden of the Palacio del Príncipe de Anglona in Madrid. Missmsmith’s team created this composition for a fashion photoshoot.

Length 100 cm
Width 24 cm
Height 15 cm

Photo: ©Missmsmith

This flower composition combines a hand, crafted from clay by ceramicist Déborah Abizanda, with soft paper flowers by Marta Herrero of Missmsmith. The concept of the composition is that it offers a summer breeze to punch sunny days and joy throughout the year.

Length 20 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 10 cm

Photo: ©Missmsmith

The design for this origami composition draws its inspiration from Pulpí geode, a giant geode located close to the town of Pulpí in southern Spain. The paper composition mirrors the geometric forms of this natural occurring geological formation.

Length 30 cm
Width 70 cm
Height 36 cm

Photo: ©Missmsmith
Castiza Bouquet

The design of this bouquet of blossoming flowers, handcrafted from various coloured papers, is inspired by the flowers that one can encounter in Galicia, Spain. Dry flowers complete the composition for a countryside style.

Length 25 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: ©Missmsmith
Mint Garden

This composition of plants, handcrafted from mint hued paper, represents nature growing over the walls of an ephemeral event. The composition was crafted for the launching of a new fragrance by a cosmetic brand.

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