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© Chiara Bruno
© Ginevra Moro
© Chiara Bruno
© Ginevra Moro
© Nicla Costa

Mario Moro

Mario Moro Carpenter
Italian, English, French
By appointment only
+39 3343199620
© Chiara Bruno

When everything is possible

  • • Mario Moro is a carpenter with an artist’s soul
  • • For him, woodwork is a craft but also a way of self-expression
  • • He combines traditional woodwork with ongoing experimentation

Mario Moro’s creations are the result of the synergy between his manual skills and his thoughtful mind. Through his work, Mario investigates wood as a living material – always different, always challenging, “almost a friend”, to use his own words. Like any other carpenter he works with clients on bespoke projects, mainly furniture pieces, while also pursuing a more solitary and conceptual side of the job – ongoing research into the expressive potential of wood and the unique combination of a living, natural material with the manual skills of man. Craftsmanship, for Mario, is not just a matter of making something well; he feels artisans should design their own creations, rather than simply executing others' ideas. They should express themselves through their creations, without boundaries and limitations, but with the firm conviction that “everything is possible, you just have to find the way to do it”.

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  • © Chiara Bruno
  • © Ginevra Moro
  • © Ginevra Moro
  • © Nicla Costa
Photo: © Chiara Bruno

This small table is part of a furniture collection characterised by simple, square shapes – broken up by the natural irregularity of branch shadows – and strong colour contrasts. The pieces in this series are generally containers, with front or upper openings. The shadows left by a branch are fixed photographically, bridging nature and the handmade.

Length 52 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 63 cm

Photo: © Ginevra Moro

The design for this MDF chest of drawers was inspired by symbols of life. A tree, a source of life, is inlaid in walnut wood on the front of the chest. It is inlaid on a turquoise lacquer background symbolising water, another source of life. Through this creation, Mario Moro wanted to bridge two elements: the inlay and the lacquer, which is made from shellac combined with acrylic enamels. The inlay does not sink completely but leaves a trace of itself, inviting us to touch it, as if to feel its deep movement.

Length 120 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 90 cm

Photo: © Ginevra Moro

This handmade contemporary canopy bed has a bookcase below the bed which runs around all sides. The bed becomes a type of cradle made up of a thousand stories, or a place in which to take refuge and find distant places. In this bed of stories, rest and reading have an indissoluble link.

Length 150 cm
Width 200 cm
Height 200 cm

Photo: © Nicla Costa

Aurea refers to the mathematical section that connects two opposite curved lines, in this case that of the chaise longue and the hand sewn cushion padded with pure virgin wool. The bookcase below the chair follows the same sinuous curves, while the wooden base gives the structure a floating sensation, a sense of being suspended off the ground.

Length 200 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 83 cm

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