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©Hanna Kaketti
©Anna Autio
©Hanna Kaketti
©Anna Autio

Marianne Huotari

  • Ceramicist
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Rising Star
Marianne Huotari Ceramicist
©Anna Autio

Sewing with ceramics

  • • Marianne is a trail blazer, exploring new ways to use and create in clay
  • • She makes poetical wall sculptures
  • • She mediates textile into ceramics

Marianne Huotari is a young and passionate textile and ceramic artist, who has found a unique way to create textile rugs from clay. All of her delicate yet beautiful works have been thoroughly crafted with patience and precision to detail. From her first ever object of an oven pan into the magical world of wall decorations, her pieces have received praise and awe among home décor fans. Her soul yearns to express traditions alongside timeless beauty – something that we can all stop to look at every now and then. Without any formal training, she has explored and self-mastered the material and techniques, and found her own very expressive way to call herself a ceramicist. She has exhibited her pieces in Finland, as well as far flung places such as the US, Japan and Korea. Currently she is the youngest artisan to be a member of the famous Arabia Art Department Society in Helsinki.

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  • ©Hanna Kaketti
  • ©Hanna Kaketti
  • ©Anna Autio
  • ©Marianne Huotari
  • ©Hanna Kaketti
Photo: ©Hanna Kaketti
Embracing Fruits and Vegetables

In the ceramic wall work Embracing Fruits and Vegetables (translated from "Halaavat hedelmät"), figures of fruits and vegetables are entwined with the hug. The work consists of small hand formed ceramic parts which are coloured by pigments and glazes in varying firing temperatures. Dark green, dark purple, earthy yellow and light pastel coloured parts are hand sewn on the metal base to create a repetitive and three-dimensional surface.

Height 170 cm
Width 140 cm

Photo: ©Hanna Kaketti
The Palest Pineapple of the Season

The essence of a pineapple is distinguishable in this ceramic wall work, or "Kauden kalpein ananas", created from small hand formed ceramic parts. Subtle and soft pastel colours, such as pale pink, lilac and beige are complemented with gold. Ceramic parts are carefully selected and hand sewn to create a harmonious three-dimensional surface.

Height 37 cm
Width 24 cm

Photo: ©Anna Autio
Summer Night's Oasis

"Kesäyön keidas" is a lush ceramic sculpture, created from small hand formed ceramic parts by hand sewing them on the metal base. The parts are leaf, drop and petal shaped as the sculpture is inspired by wild gardens. The sculpture's soft and round shapes form a human-like feature as the body narrows down and expands again like a head. The varying shades of green create the background colour for the soft yellows, pinks and oranges to stand out.

Height 130 cm
Width 65 cm

Photo: ©Marianne Huotari
Mandarin Garden

Shades of green, pink, yellow and blue vary in the "Mandariinitarha" ceramic work which is inspired by a Japanese mandarin gardens. The two-metre-wide work consists of tiny hand formed ceramic parts which are hand sewn on a metal base. The leaf-like, round petals and the orange shaped parts create an inviting surface where shiny and matt finishes take turns. The work has an organic shape compiled of three parts.

Height 150 cm
Width 200 cm

Photo: ©Hanna Kaketti
Tameless Lupine

The ceramic sculpture "Villi kuin lupiini" (which translates as Tameless Lupine) is made by repeating a rounded stick shaped piece of ceramic. Those sticks are hand formed, then fired and hand sewn one by one onto a metal base which is formed to three-dimensional shape. The organic round shaped sculpture consists of black, green and pink pigmented ceramic sticks and is throughout matt finished. The inspiration for the work is a wild Lupine which grows untamed.

Height 34 cm
Width 33 cm

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