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©Filipe Correia
©Filipe Correia
©Filipe Correia
©Filipe Correia
©Filipe Correia

Maria Pratas

  • Textile sculptor
  • Portimão, Portugal
  • Master Artisan
Maria Pratas Textile sculptor
Portuguese, English
By appointment only
+351 919239923
©Filipe Correia

The eclectic collector

  • • Maria’s artworks are a fusion of different natural materials
  • • She collects bits and bobs that she finds interesting for future pieces
  • • Her incessant curiosity triggers continuous experimentation

Maria Pratas is a ball of fire who manages to combine her full time job as a visual arts teacher for children with her own artistic path, as well as regularly giving and following workshops. A curious soul, she mixes textiles, natural fibres and wood to create eclectic sculptures using different techniques. “When I go out, I often come back home with a collection of logs, roots, pieces from abandoned wooden furniture or textiles that caught my attention.” It is in this veritable treasure box that Maria seeks inspiration when she starts a new piece. She shares the same exploratory attitude during her workshops, with the intention of simultaneously awakening and developing the artistic expression of each participant.

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  • ©Filipe Correia
Photo: ©All rights reserved

This sculpture, from the Mutant collection,is made of natural fibres by applying the coil basketry technique, inspired by nature seeds. It has an oval shape and blue, green and silver details.

Length 70 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 30 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved

This elongated sculpture is designed to hang from the ceiling. It mixes ochre colours with the colours of raw fibres. The different sized balls and shapes are made of natural fibres by applying the coil basketry technique.

Height 230 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved

Colar is an elongated sculpture designed to be a wall panel. It is made of natural coloured fibres and fibres with black details. The irregular shape is made by applying the coil basketry technique. The piece is inspired by jewellery.

Length 200 cm
Width 100 cm
Height 200 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved

Roliça is a sculptural vase, round in shape, it has white, blue and silver details. Maria Pratas made the piece using textile fibres and the coil basketry technique. It is inspired by Mediterranean ceramics.

Diameter 30 cm

Photo: ©Filipe Correia

Coração is a sculptural vase with an irregular shape and wooden details. The piece is made of natural fibres by applying the coil basketry technique. It is inspired by the human heart.

Height 60 cm
Width 30 cm

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