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Maison Daum

  • Glass sculpting
  • Nancy, France
  • Manufacturer
  • Not open to the public
Maison Daum Glass sculpting

Daum, founded by Jean Daum in 1878 in Nancy, is one of the legendary French crystal manufacturers. The company counts more than 350 collaborations with great artists over nearly 140 years of history, and an exceptional influence especially in the Art Nouveau era, when the Daum glass creations were awarded with several prizes. In their early years, Daum was a glass manufacturer and the permanent replacement of glass with crystal happened in the 30s, but the signature Daum technique is definitely pâte de cristal, an almost forgotten technique dating back to ancient Egypt.


Daum pâte de cristal objects and unique sculptures are crafted thanks to two different processes: the melting of crystal fragments to obtain the paste, whose translucency and brilliance is key to ensure the intensity of colours and the quality of the shades, and a lost wax fusion starting from a model. Every single piece is then carefully finished by hand and signed.

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