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Luisa Estévez & Óscar Montero

  • Belategui Regueiro
  • Weaver
  • Cambre, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Luisa Estévez & Óscar Montero Weaver
Spanish, French
By appointment only
+34 661858200

Weaving tradition with innovation

  • • Luisa and Óscar create colourful textiles on traditional looms
  • • They make contemporary fashion and interior design accessories
  • • Their products combine natural fibres and recycled materials

Luisa Estévez and Óscar Montero started weaving on wooden handlooms in 1986. Thanks to a scholarship, they learned this craft from master weavers and made it the axis of their lives. In 2004 they created their brand, Belategui Regueiro, using their mothers’ surnames. It was a tribute to them, and to all the women of Galicia, who have left their mark on this trade. Today, they make fashion and interior design accessories such as shawls, foulards, bags, blankets, curtains and tablecloths, as well as more artistic pieces such as tapestries and textile sculptures. Made from fibres such as linen, alpaca, silk and bamboo – sometimes combined with recycled materials such as neoprene from wetsuits, rubber bicycle shells or reused leather – they are ecological pieces that everyone wants to wear or simply show off.

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  • ©O.M.Lasagabáster
  • ©O.M.Lasagabáster
  • ©O.M.Lasagabáster
  • ©O.M.Lasagabáster
  • ©O.M.Lasagabáster
Photo: ©O.M.Lasagabáster
Alpaca scarf

This scarf is hand-woven on a hemline loom with grey and white alpaca wool forming lines of different colour intensity. The scarf is very warm and a soft garment. It is finished at its ends by twisted and hand-knotted fringes.

Height 196 cm
Width 46 cm

Photo: ©O.M.Lasagabáster
Merino wool cushions

These cushions are made with hand-woven fabrics on a hemline loom. The cushions are woven with merino wool of natural colours (ecru, stone and brown) that form stripes of different thicknesses and textures by incorporating thick chenille stripes to some of them.

Height 50 cm
Width 40 cm

Photo: ©O.M.Lasagabáster
Merino wool blanket

This blanket is woven on a hemline loom using merino wool and chenille wool taffeta forming stripes of natural tones (brown and tan) of different thicknesses and textures. The blanket is topped with knotted fringes and crochet selvage.

Height 120 cm
Width 200 cm

Photo: ©O.M.Lasagabáster
Mohair shawl

This shawl is hand-woven on a hemmed loom with black and grey bouclé mohair unevenly distributed in warp and weft. The shawl is finished with hand-knotted fringes.

Height 215 cm
Width 60 cm

Photo: ©O.M.Lasagabáster
Linen and wool shawl

This shawl is a unique piece woven on a low-heeled loom with stone-coloured linen, forming longitudinal openwork in the centre and squares at the ends. The shawl is hand felted with a merino wool wick in two shades of green and finished with knotted fringes 20cm long.

Height 200 cm
Width 60 cm

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