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©Petris Mosaici
©Petris Mosaici
©Petris Mosaici
©Petris Mosaici
©Petris Mosaici

Luciano Petris

Luciano Petris Mosaic maker
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 0432905159
©Petris Mosaici

Custom made mosaics

  • • Luciano is a skilled and experienced master
  • • His work is internationally renowned
  • • He collaborates with contemporary artists and architects

Born and raised in the heart of the ancient mosaic tradition, Luciano Petris was educated at the internationally well-known Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo. He opened his workshop in 1980 in Codroipo, after ten years working for a specialised company. His experience as a mosaic maker covers more than 50 years. Luciano's mosaics are located all over the world. Using mostly Venetian smalti, Luciano can make any kind of mosaic, from small ones to very large creations for walls, floor, bathrooms and pools. He makes both replicas of ancient and modern masterpieces, as well as original contemporary artworks from his collaborations with artists and architects. “Today my enthusiasm is stronger than ever," he says.

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  • ©Petris Mosaici
  • ©Petris Mosaici
  • ©Petris Mosaici
  • ©Petris Mosaici
  • ©Petris Mosaici
Photo: ©Petris Mosaici
Judith II (Salome)

This mosaic is a tribute to Gustav Klimt’s painting: Judith II (Salome). The mosaic was made with the direct technique, involving the direct placement and gluing of individual tesserae on a support surface. This method produces a three-dimensional surface. The colours used are wide and complex: delicate colours for the complexions of the face and décolleté, bright colours for the background and tesserae containing 24 carat gold leaf.

Height 220 cm
Width 55 cm

Photo: ©Petris Mosaici

This large wall mosaic is a reproduction of a pictorial work by the Slovenian artist Jože Ciuha. The work represents five characters who are arguing. The dark figures, characterised by their black colour, emerge strongly from the golden background. The whole golden background is made with precious tesserae that contain 24 carat gold leaf. Special eco-friendly smalti which are free from dangerous substances were used for the piece.

Height 320 cm
Width 250 cm

Photo: ©Petris Mosaici
Endless Red

This mosaic is a reproduction of a work by Peter Ciuha entitled Endless Red. The mosaic presents two figures similar to Janus's double face, looking both forward and backward, into fullness and void, inside and out. The mosaic is built with the direct technique and has a powerful radiance. The deep red background was made with polychrome smalti.

Height 180 cm
Width 180 cm

Photo: ©Petris Mosaici
Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up

This mosaic is a tribute to Egon Schiele and his painting: Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up. Every detail of the mosaic is reproduced with great skill, from the features of the face to the folds of the dress. The colours of the work are soft and suggestive, with a large white background, whose great beauty is given by the processing of the tesserae.

Height 120 cm
Width 120 cm

Photo: ©Petris Mosaici
Day and night

This large wall mosaic, made with the direct technique, covers the entrance to a complex of private offices. The mosaic was made from a sketch by Austrian artist, Christian Ludwig Attersee. The work is built with polychrome smalti free of dangerous substances such as lead and arsenic. The richness and the movement of the tesserae succeeds in replictaing the multiplicity of colours and brushstrokes that are the distinctive feature of this Austrian artist.

Height 480 cm
Width 1100 cm

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