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© Luca Peppoloni
© Luca Peppoloni
© Daniela Costi
© Daniela Costi

Luca Peppoloni

  • Metalworker
  • Spello, Italy
  • Master Artisan
Luca Peppoloni Metalworker
Italian, English
By appointment only
+39 742301095
© Luca Peppoloni

Even rust can be art

  • • Luca learned his craft from his father and grandfather
  • • He has exhibited in Italy and abroad
  • • His inspiration is Etruscan civilisation and the artist Alberto Giacometti

Luca Peppoloni describes his craft and life in the small Italian region of Umbria: “My story is made of Chiona village’s stones, Mount Subasio’s flowers and Etruscan iron. My sculptures are like relics or shipwrecks. Time, with his signs of passing, is present in every piece I make.” He specialises in the technique of iron’s oxidation and corrosion and has developed different ways of colouring the metal. Peppoloni grew up in a family of smiths, and has followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather. “The old family workshop was near my home and even when I was a student, I always had the opportunity to stop by, observing the work and participating myself.” Today his forge, L’Officina, is one of the most renowned atelier of the region.

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  • ©Luca Peppoloni
  • © Luca Peppoloni
  • © Luca Peppoloni
  • © Luca Peppoloni
Photo: ©Luca Peppoloni
Etruscan horse

This stylized horse (Cavallo Etrusco) – made of oxidised iron – is reminiscent of the Etruscan forms that have inspired so much art over the centuries, right up to Giacometti. The artisan Luca Peppoloni lives in an area steeped in the traces left by the passage of these people, who have had such a profound influence on Italian history and culture.

Height 60 cm

Photo: © Luca Peppoloni
Balena whale

This sculpture is an oxidised iron sheet in the shape of a whale. The whale symbolises mastery and knowledge of their environment. The corroded iron, like a shipwreck, gives the idea of a long, past life of experiences and memories.

Height 36 cm
Length 58 cm

Photo: © Luca Peppoloni
Shield fish

This shield fish (Pesce Scudo) is round with forged defensive spikes resembling the shape of a shield. The holes for the artisan represent the ability to see beyond the surface. The spikes, which are wrought ironwork, are elements of defence against possible threats. The corroded iron gives the idea of the memory of hardships faced and overcome.

Height 46 cm
Length 43 cm

Photo: © Luca Peppoloni
Olive tree

Olive trees (Albero di ulivo) grow throughout Italy, and are an important element of the identity of the land to which they belong. The shape itself looks like roots emerging from the earth and becoming a tree. The forging and corrosion of this sculpture – made of oxidised iron – give the idea of ancient forms and the ability to adapt to all environmental conditions. Together with its leaves, it has always been a symbol of peace.

Height 84 cm
Width 75 cm

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