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©Kirstine Mengel B
©Kirstine Mengel B
©Erik Balle
©Laura Isabella Christensen
©Erik Balle

Lotte Westphael

  • Ceramicist
  • Ry, Denmark
  • Master Artisan
Lotte Westphael Ceramicist
Danish, English
By appointment only
+45 30695259
©Kirstine Mengel

How to capture poetry

  • • Lotte makes ceramic vessels inspired by intangibles
  • • She embraces the irregularities that occur during firing
  • • Her objects appeal to both sight and touch

Lotte Westphael’s ceramic pieces flow and float yet appear solid at the same time. She finds inspiration in architecture, textile art and classical music and seeks to fuse these disparate elements in her ceramic shapes. Lotte’s cylinders are built of thin strips of porcelain cut and reassembled, creating a distinct and unique design in colour displacement. The colour patterns are meticulously planned, but her process is open to the irregularities that creep in during the final phases of creation. "With every addition of a new colour, cracks can occur." But this offsetting of perfection is what gives Lotte's pieces their complexity and beauty.

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  • ©Sylvain Deleu
  • ©Erik Balle
  • ©Sylvain Deleu
  • ©Sylvain Deleu
  • ©Sylvain Deleu
Photo: ©Sylvain Deleu
Blushing Polyrhythm

This delicate piece starts out pink at the bottom and gradually turns to white near the top. Dark stripes run like stitches. The cylinder is made of 2-3 mm thick porcelain. There is an interaction between the outer and inner nature of the piece.

Photo: ©Erik Balle
Multilayered Blue

Made with more than 60 nuances of blue, this vessel is layer upon layer of assembled porcelain.

Photo: ©Sylvain Deleu
Polyrhythm Gradient Rouge

This jar is made of thin strips of porcelain in a gradient of red. The pattern is not painted on but embedded in the porcelain itself. This piece is inspired by woven textile art.

Photo: ©Sylvain Deleu
Polyrhythm Rouge

A red dot bleeds onto white, and becomes the centre in a complex narrative of lines made out of 5 mm strips of porcelain. This piece is inspired by the Agnes Martin quote: ”Beauty is the mystery of life. It is not in my eye, it is in my mind.”

Photo: ©Sylvain Deleu
Yellow Grid Gradient

Here the yellow colour gradient is concentrated in the middle of the piece. It is made out of 60 nuances of yellow. The piece was inspired by a classical concert and Lotte Westphael sought to embed the fragile yet agile tones of the violin into the design.

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