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©Liisu Arro
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Liisu Arro

  • Ceramicist
  • Haapsalu, Estonia
  • Master Artisan
Liisu Arro Ceramicist
Estonian, English, Finnish
By appointment only
+372 5044581
©Silver Mikiver

Everyday joy

  • • Liisu creates playful ceramics
  • • Her tableware seeks to bring its users joy
  • • She set up Arro Porcelain thanks to crowdfunding

Liisu Arro comes from a family of painters and has always loved to work with her hands. She enjoys creating practical everyday objects. Liisu believes that every day should have a moment of joy, beauty and celebration; one's decoration choices should serve to whisk away the dullness of life. Why hide the beautiful tableware for specific occasions when you have the opportunity for daily joy through using your favourite cup? Her beautiful handmade works have been exhibited extensively in her home country and further afield in Germany, Denmark and England. Now through crowdfunding and public support, she has managed to build her tableware brand, Arro Porcelain and continue her fulfilling profession as an artisan.

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  • ©Johannes Arro
  • ©Liisu Arro
  • ©Liisu Arro
  • ©Liisu Arro
  • ©Liisu Arro
Photo: ©Johannes Arro

Liisu Arro' exhibition entitled Light, which took place in Tallinn in 2016, was inspired by the yearning for intellectual and real light. She interpreted this feeling very directly by creating table lamps of different shapes, which became beacons of light. All the lamps are handbuilt from high temperature clay, using the coil technique.

Height 60 cm

Photo: ©Liisu Arro

This big blush coloured platter with forget-me-nots in the background, depicts one bigger pink rabbit and a smaller light blue rabbit. This plate by Liisu Arro is made out of high temperature clay and stoneware. It is themed on love and friendship, both present and past, the people who inspire us to feel them.

Diameter 38 cm

Photo: ©Liisu Arro
Two sinks with clovers

The two handbuilt washbasins are from the exhibition Milles Fleurs. Both sinks are built using the coil technique and the rim is slightly pulled outward, to make it more comfortable to use and give it a bell-like look. One is bordeaux colour and the other is a dark green-blue. Liisu Arro’s inspiration comes from her childhood summers in her grandparents' garden.

Height 30 cm
Diameter 38 cm

Photo: ©Liisu Arro
Poppy coloured teapot with a bug

This Liisu Arro small poppy orange coloured teapot has a bug as a knob on the lid. The shape of the pot is like a big egg and the surface is matte, reminiscent of poppy flowers' velvety surface. It is made out of high temperature clay stoneware. The inspiration came from poppies growing one summer in Liisu’s garden where she just lets anything grow.

Height 15 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: ©Liisu Arro
Poppy coloured pot with a lid

This bright poppy orange coloured pot with a lid and a poppy head on the lid is inspired by poppies growing in Liisu Arro’s garden. It is made out of high temperature clay stoneware. The surface is velvety to the touch to convey the powdery surface of the poppy petals.

Height 13 cm

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