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©Sebastian Boettcher
©Zoe Gambieraki
©Panagiota Karastergiou
©Panagiota Karastergiou

Leonie Yagdjoglou

  • Ceramicist
  • Athens, Greece
  • Master Artisan
Leonie Yagdjoglou Ceramicist
Greek, English, German
By appointment only
+30 6932603255
©Panagiota Karastergiou

Colour to convey joy

  • • Leonie makes functional objects as well as decorative artworks
  • • All her items are hand painted porcelain or stoneware
  • • She captures and spreads joy through her creations

Leonie Yagdjoglou studied graphic design and holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Montreux Αrt Center Europe. In 1995 she co-founded the branding and design company MILK in Cologne, Germany. In parallel to her business activity, Leonie always expressed herself artistically through painting and drawing. In 2008 she started practising ceramics. For her, ceramics is a three-dimensional art that combines the two main elements of her artistic identity: design and painting. Leonie loves mixing different elements and materials. She brings her sculptures and objects to life through colour. “The movement of the brush liberates me and characterises my work,” she says.

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  • ©Panagiota Karastergiou
  • ©Peoplakiamugs
  • ©Maria Mavropoulou
  • ©Panagiota Karastergiou
  • ©Panagiota Karastergiou
Photo: ©Panagiota Karastergiou
Crazy Japan

This bowl, created by using the wheel, is part of a series of vessels inspired by the particular aesthetic and culture of Japan. Instead of the minimalistic character that usually prevails in Japan, strong brush strokes with vivid colours and black were intentionally applied.

Photo: ©Peoplakiamugs

These mugs are created from stoneware in various colour combinations. The hand drawing continues flawlessly inside the mug so that the inside and the outside look to be one surface. Sarcastic and humorous, they tease about the lack of meaningful communication most people have these days.

Photo: ©Maria Mavropoulou
Big Brother & Fair Play

The unexpected materials attached to these two sculptures, such as screws, copper, springs, and so on highlight Leonie Yagdjoglou's self-sarcastic and deliberate style. Chance and error are introduced as differentiating factors.

Photo: ©Panagiota Karastergiou
My self as a container

This blue glazed vessel with hand-distorted form was created during the first quarantine of the 2020 pandemic. The title refers to the human body which is vulnerable and durable at the same time. Life flows through people and society and experiences change every human being’s body and soul, sometimes dramatically.

Photo: ©Panagiota Karastergiou
My friends

These mini totems are created out of Colorobbia clay. Their cylindrical shapes are colourfully painted and have geometrical elements in order to create a code of “mystic” symbols. The top of each totem is either a hat or crown, as a reference to the existence of hierarchy.

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