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©Laurent Dif
©Laurent Dif
©Amélie Scotta
©Amélie Scotta
©Amélie Scotta

Laurent Dif

  • Furniture maker
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Laurent Dif Furniture maker
Spanish, English, French
Monday-Friday 09:00 - 19:00
+34 618256787
©Laurent Dif

The metal tamer

  • • Laurent uses iron as his base material
  • • He moulds his creations by hand, then varnishes and polishes them
  • • He combines many creative skills from restoring to design

Laurent Dif is a man of many talents, artisan and designer in one soul. Restorer, carpenter, furniture designer, since 2013 he has been working with metal, adapting his knowledge and skills to the challenges and endless possibilities this material offers. Curious and ingenious by nature, he also crafts the tools he uses, devising the necessary techniques to shape metal into items that have a function, while pleasing the eye and touch. His creations are like one-of-a-kind sculptures, where the single metal sheet is manually folded and shaped, sometimes cut, then varnished. Creations that are linear and timeless, perceived as light in spite of what would be expected from the material they are made of, thanks to the taming and transformation of metal’s resistance and strength. A further touch is from time to time added with wood layers, lacquering and satin finishings.

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  • ©Laurent Dif
  • ©Laurent Dif
  • ©Laurent Dif
  • ©Laurent Dif
  • ©Laurent Dif
Photo: ©Laurent Dif

Long rectangle metal sheet in which part of the interior surface is cut without separating it, to oppose it and then constrain it into a shape suitable for the sitting and resting of the human body.

Height 60 cm
Width 47 cm
Depth 43 cm

Photo: ©Laurent Dif
Dites 33

Luminous metal arch whose simplicity conceals three functions in one. Designed to be hung anywhere, it is also perfect as a desk lamp where it will even support a few books or any other object on its flat surface. It will also diffuse a soft and warm light, placed upright on the floor in a corner of a room or against a wall.

Height 33 cm
Width 12 cm
Depth 13 cm

Photo: ©Laurent Dif

The most authentic of the One Piece Model Collection. Without a single cut, nor any welding, but with a complex realization and an absolute asymmetry, this model rediscovers the table object to purify its concept.

Height 40 cm
Width 105 cm
Depth 105 cm

Photo: ©Laurent Dif

Supported by three support points emerging from an original circle, the Vrille coffee table seems carried by perpetual movement. She seems to defy reason with her self-winding lines, but its base remains imperturbable.

Height 27 cm
Width 100 cm

Photo: ©Laurent Dif

Complex and architectural, this metal work represents, through simple cutouts, a great structural success. The result is a play between its aesthetic and formal balance extremely controlled.

Height 32 cm
Width 100 cm
Depth 110 cm

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