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© Agnès Baldomá
© Agnès Baldomá
© Agnès Baldomá
© Sabina Alonso

Laura Delgado

  • Ceramicist
  • Cambre, Spain
  • Master Artisan
Laura Delgado Ceramicist
Spanish, English, Italian
Monday to Sunday 10:30-14:00 / 17:00-20:00
+34 615672395
© Agnès Baldomá

Passion and pride in every piece

  • • Laura learned her trade with Maca Sendón, Anxo Cao and Rino Casadio
  • • She studied ceramics, sculpture and ceramic restoration
  • • Now she focuses on tableware for hotels and restaurants

Ceramicist Laura Delgado thought about pursuing her craft as a career from the very first time she touched clay. It was an easy and natural decision for her after training at the Escola de Artes. She is humble in trying to define her work because she feels she does not use complex techniques to make her pieces. “I just try to give the best of myself in each one of them,” she explains. She opened her current atelier in 2016 in Cambre, A Coruña, where she produces tableware for hotels and restaurants. Eternally in love with her work, she suggests that young artisans should train in all areas of the profession without ruling out any apprenticeship. “You can learn great things in the humblest workshop,” she says. Laura is convinced that every day she spends in her atelier is a lucky one, despite the stress that the workload sometimes causes her.

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  • © Sabina Alonso
  • © Sabina Alonso
  • © Sabina Alonso
  • © Sabina Alonso
  • © Sabina Alonso
Photo: © Sabina Alonso
Santa Tegra vase remake

This glazed stoneware piece is a copy of a vase found on the Castro de Santa Tegra archaeological site on the northwest Iberian Peninsula. The materials, colours and firing temperature of the vase is based on those used to create the original vase, which were made with ferruginous clay. It reproduces the typical colours of Iron Age ceramics, which was made possible by replicating the firing temperature of pre-roman kilns, which is thought to be no more than 650-700ºC.

Height 16.5 cm
Diameter 26 cm

Photo: © Sabina Alonso
For Xulia

This stoneware sculpture takes the form of a sea flower, an anemone. The stoneware and glaze sculpture was a present for a new mother and her new baby, Xulia. Full of movement, the sculpture seems light and delicate, but it is heavy and strong as every flower. Like a mother. The piece is glazed with a raw barium glaze and fired to 1245ºC.

Length 20 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 7 cm

Photo: © Sabina Alonso
Bido plate

This cast porcelain plate was commissioned by Xoan Crujeiras, Chef of Bido Restaurante, in A Coruña. Bido is the name that some Galician people assign the birch tree. The plate is made with the real profile of a birch leaf that Laura Delgado picked up in her garden. She wanted the piece to be simple and clean, as the shape is already complex enough. This is the reason why she has used porcelain.

Length 26.5 cm
Width 22.5 cm
Height 5 cm

Photo: © Sabina Alonso
Healthy breakfast vase

This vase can hold up to 600ml. Laura Delgado thought of the vase as a possible container for smoothies. The cup was created in a plaster mould, coloured and combined with pigments.

Height 13 cm
Diameter 10.5 cm

Photo: © Sabina Alonso
Chinese bowl

The stains of this wheel thrown bowl are engobe applied in biscuit just before varnishing with a raw white glaze, applied with spray gun. The bowl was fired 1240ºC.

Height 8 cm
Diameter 13 cm

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