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Konrad Friedel

  • Lamp maker
  • Klein Neusiedl, Austria
  • Master Artisan
Konrad Friedel Lamp maker
German, English
By appointment only
+43 6508861905
© Philipp Forstner

Enthusiastic about beauty

  • • Konrad's designs are characterised by independence and timelessness
  • • He is at his most creative in solitude
  • • New machinery often inspires him to develop his own techniques

A little outside of Vienna is Konrad Friedel's studio, tucked away in a late baroque complex that includes a three-storey factory building and a romantically overgrown park with fairy tale stone sculptures. In this little bubble, he cuts himself off from the world, preferring to work alone – for himself – without any distractions. Getting creative exchanges at work is not important to him. “I'm already bursting with ideas and my drawer is filled with sketches.” Konrad has mastered the processing of a wide range of materials. His wide-ranging skills enable him to design, build and install complete high end interior fittings all by himself. “I have been a craftsman for over 20 years now. Meanwhile I am blessed to receive requests for my style and way of working from my customers.”

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  • © Martin Brack
Photo: © All rights reserved
Schalentier No. 67

Schalentier No. 67 represents a wavy sculptural wall sconce featuring a light. This work offers at the same time a unique object of art with a practical function. It is built out of steel pieces cut and welded to each other in a harmonious arrangement. The steel was chosen for its warm cosy mustard yellow colour and a special burnishing treatment for the outside surface.

Length 75 cm
Width 38 cm
Height 22 cm

Photo: © Martin Brack
Schalentier No. 8

Schalentier No. 8 serves as a large floor sculpture and at the same time as a lamp. This object is to be placed in a generous corner of a living area. It is made of circular steel pieces arranged in a very soft and harmonious shape. The inside of the sculpture is painted with an off-white colour, the outside fancies a burnished patina that is the artist’s special touch.

Length 98 cm
Width 90 cm
Height 45 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Schalentier Nr. 94 (Mobile )

Schalentier 94 characterises a pending lamp, a unique light mobile. Each arm of the mobile structure is articulated to function and move harmoniously with the rest of the structure. Furthermore, each of the arms ending features a special little sculpture and a small light bulb. This master piece is built with steel, the different sculptures with steel caps painted inside. The entire object outside surfaces are burnished.

Length 230 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 260 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Mini Lou

Lou is a contemporary dancer, thin, slender and wearing a large crown of Afro hair. This lamp has been created after her with the dancer’s straight harmonious posture using a bended steel foot and an off white fabric lampshade illustrating her voluminous hair. This lamp fits in almost any location due to its simplicity but effortless unique look. The mini Lou represents a small version of the already existing Lou lamp which is a taller floor lamp.

Length 20 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 66 cm

Photo: © Martin Brack

John is your lamp pal. On top of its body – made of an elegant wooden tripod that the artist has patiently hand carved – is a simple elegant bended steel tube. On top of that appears John’s head. John’s head features different round steel pieces evoking a simplified face, and inside the main circular steel cut appears a light bulb. The contrast between the natural wood and the burnished steel creates an object that will fit harmoniously in most interiors.

Length 146 cm
Width 48 cm
Height 50 cm

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