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©Klaus Kirchner
©Klaus Kirchner
©Klaus Kirchner
©Klaus Kirchner
©Klaus Kirchner

Klaus Kirchner

  • Woodturner
  • Hanau, Germany
  • Rising Star
Klaus Kirchner Woodturner
German, English
By appointment only
+49 1771656030
©Klaus Kirchner

Bringing new life to wood

  • • Klaus specialises in turning vessels
  • • Before selling his vessels, he stores them in wood shavings for months
  • • He crafted 11 objects out of a very old copper beech

Klaus Kirchner worked for most of his professional career in the IT industry, but he always had a passion for wood. Additionally, he had an immense interest in electronics, which led him to become an electrical engineer at an early age. Wood was not introduced to him again until his mid 30s during a turning course. He bought his own lathe immediately, read everything there was to read on the subject and immediately attempted the most difficult techniques. Ernst Gamperl's work intrigued him, especially his hollowing technique. He attended special courses throughout Europe for a number of years before establishing his workshop in 2013. Today, he is able to combine his love of wood with his passion for electronics. His skills have enabled him to improve his antique lathe with a modern drive and to create beautiful wooden lamps.

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  • ©Klaus Kirchner
  • ©Klaus Kirchner
  • ©Klaus Kirchner
  • ©Klaus Kirchner
  • ©Klaus Kirchner
Photo: ©Klaus Kirchner
Vessel with a natural edge

This hand turned vessel by Klaus Kirchner has bark at the opening and an ancient form. It is turned from fresh ash wood and finished after a year of drying with sanding and oiling.

Diameter 21 cm

Photo: ©Klaus Kirchner
Light at the end of the tunnel

Klaus Kirchner made this sculpture by hand turning the fresh walnut wood on the lathe. After drying, the piece was sanded and oiled with walnut oil. The piece depicts the expression "light at the end of the tunnel".

Length 16 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 33 cm

Photo: ©Klaus Kirchner
Walnut bowl

Deep bowl turned from a big fresh walnut log that had a dark brown colour. After drying, the piece was sanded and oiled. The picture shows the view from above, inside the bowl.

Diameter 38 cm

Photo: ©Klaus Kirchner
Juniper hollow form

Turned from a root ball of a juniper tree. The juniper wood has a great colour contrast and the wood itself has a good smell. It is hollowed through a small opening and has two other holes that allow the onlooker to view inside.

Diameter 35 cm

Photo: ©Klaus Kirchner
3 flower objects

Each flower object is turned from a fresh log of walnut wood. After turning the thin walls of the pieces are drying and wrinkle to a flower-like appearance.

Length 16 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 20 cm

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