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© Zuza Grubecka
© Zuza Grubecka
© Zuza Grubecka
© Zuza Grubecka
© Zuza Grubecka

Katharina Klug

Katharina Klug Ceramicist
© Zuza Grubecka

Modelling lines

  • • Katharina was born to a family of potters
  • • She works on the timeless theme of vessels
  • • Lines are her distinguishing feature

Katharina Klug is an Austrian-born potter and designer, a passionate ceramic artist, who was brought up working with clay. After college and some years spent in search of a space of her own, she has settled in Cambridge, where she runs her studio. Her research focuses on the exploration of shapes on the pottery wheel, the tool that allows her to find endless variations on a classic theme: the vessel. At the same time, her production stands out thanks to a very peculiar dialogue between the moulded piece and the graphic sign. Drawing freehand with her trademark crayons, she intentionally embraces imperfections in the surface pattern designs, while longing for perfection in the shape of the vessel. Her unique pieces are lively and immediate.

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  • © Zuza Grubecka
  • © Zuza Grubecka
  • © Zuza Grubecka
  • © Zuza Grubecka
  • © Zuza Grubecka
Photo: © Zuza Grubecka

The works represent Klug’s friends: personality is shown in the head shapes and the red interior glaze symbolises blood. The pattern outside is hand drawn and irregular. Each unique piece is thrown in one on the potter's wheel. The artist arranges them in small or large scale installations.

Length 12 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 18 cm
Diameter 12 cm

Photo: © Zuza Grubecka
Pattern of calm III

Klug made these large vases with a quite classic shape in the first Covid lockdowns: they are her meditation. The short neck gives them a more modern look, while the dark metallic glaze evokes an ancient and timeless finish. The red interior represents blood. All lines are hand drawn.

Length 28 cm
Width 28 cm
Height 50 cm
Diameter 28 cm

Photo: © Zuza Grubecka
Two in one vessels

Two in one describes the relationship between two humans: synergy and alignment. These two wheel thrown forms were altered to oval vessels. Both with red interiors and hand drawn line pattern leaving out a half of a circle shape, to create the full circle together.

Length 35 cm
Width 14 cm
Height 45 cm
Diameter 5 cm

Photo: © Zuza Grubecka
Bulbous Grouping vases

The bulbous vases represent human female curves: a celebration of womanhood through the body. Exterior patterns are hand drawn and therefore natural and uneven like skin. Klug often arranges the pieces in small or large scale installations, giving them connection and scape.

Length 30 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 48 cm
Diameter 25 cm

Photo: © Zuza Grubecka
Red kettle

The Red kettle with a high foot ring is part of a project to create domestic forms, focused on cylindrical shapes and strong contrasts. The brass handle is handcrafted. All lines are hand drawn, irregular and unique. The dark metallic glaze gives a timeless finish.

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