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©Katalina Caliendo
©Katalina Caliendo
©Katalina Caliendo
©Katalina Caliendo
©Katalina Caliendo

Katalina Caliendo

  • Ceramicist
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Rising Star
Katalina Caliendo Ceramicist
©Robert Chadwick

Tactile textures

  • • Katalina is a Royal College of Art MA graduate
  • • Her works explore clay hand-building
  • • She has mastered a technique called imbrication

Born in the pacific northwest of the United States, Katalina Caliendo has always been drawn to the making. Both her grandfathers were craftsmen, which sparked a childhood interest. In 2016 Katalina moved to the UK to follow a formal education at the University of Hertfordshire. Her objects are spellbinding sculptural pieces which represent a form of artistic and existential dialogue. The talented ceramicist uses a unique process called imbrication that involves photographing aspects of textures, forms, and painting with clay and traditional paint mediums. “I work towards facilitating vital explorations of our relationship to the material and natural world,” says Katalina.

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  • © Sylvain-Deleu
  • © Sylvain-Deleu
  • ©All rights reserved
  • ©Katalina Caliendo
  • ©All rights reserved
Photo: © Sylvain-Deleu
Sympoiesis with alliums and yeast

This living and decaying clay sculpture incorporates both living alliums, mycelium, and plant detritus. They are composed of predominantly white and black porcelain with bone china, stoneware, and terracotta slip cast in traditional vase forms.

Length 10 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 18 cm

Photo: © Sylvain-Deleu
Sympoiesis with Mycelium and Yeast

Living and decaying clay sculpture incorporating both living yeast and mycelium material stoneware slip cast in traditional plaster mould vase form.

Length 14 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 24 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Imbricating No.03

This ceramic sculptural vase is made with fingertip slivers of black clay layered and overlapping in detailed textural waves. The sculpture is made using the imbricating technique.

Length 18 cm
Width 18 cm
Height 29 cm

Photo: ©Katalina Caliendo

This ceramic sculpture has negative space windows. It is made with fingertip-sized slivers of terracotta overlapping and growing in rhythmic patterns that connect to the base made from hand-sculpted gestural marks.

Length 34 cm
Width 34 cm
Height 37 cm

Photo: ©All rights reserved
Imbricating with blue

This ceramic sculpture is made of slivers of overlapping fingertip pieces of clay layered on a gestural hand-sculpted base. It is coloured in a range of black blue to bright blues with oxides and glazes. It is open like a vessel, yet organic and varied.

Length 20 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 28 cm

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