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© Hákon Björnsson
© Rakel àsk Sigurðardóttir
© Rakel àsk Sigurðardóttir
© Rakel àsk Sigurðardóttir
© Rakel àsk Sigurðardóttir

Guðbjörg KáradóIr

  • Ker.
  • Ceramicist
  • Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Master Artisan
Guðbjörg KáradóIr Ceramicist
Icelandic, English
By appointment only
+354 8656766
© Rakel àsk Sigurðardóttir

Creating with earth and fire

  • • Guðbjörg uses volcanic ash in her clay
  • • Throwing is for her a form of meditation
  • • She helped establish a pottery in Sierra Leone

Ceramicist Guðbjörg Káradóttir gives diners an extra layer to their culinary experience by creating carefully crafted tableware. Guðbjörg studied at the Icelandic Academy of Arts and also spent two years working at the Glit ceramics factory in Reykjavik. Using her artistic skills and knowledge of small-scale production she established her business, Ker, to supply restaurants with well made artisanal products for food service. Inspired by the world around her, Guðbjörg draws inspiration from the atmosphere of the restaurants she designs for, producing bespoke pieces which reflect their style and vibe. She also uses the natural landscape of Iceland to inform her colour palette, incorporating volcanic ash into her pieces.

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  • © All rights reserved
  • © Hákon Björnsson
  • © Hákon Björnsson
  • © Hákon Björnsson
  • © Hákon Björnsson
Photo: © All rights reserved
Porcelain vases

Spherical vases made of porcelain with a unique texture. The vases are hand thrown and come in different sizes.

Photo: © Hákon Björnsson

At DesignMarch 2014 in Reykjavík Guðbjörg Káradóttir and her design partner Ólöf Jakobína Ernudóttir (together, the design duo Postulína) presented Jökla (Glacial), handmade porcelain tableware inspired by the magical Icelandic glaciers. It mixes the harsh blackness of the glacial tongues with the softness of light colours such as the blue of the glacier interior.

Photo: © Hákon Björnsson
White & gold tea set

All of Guðbjörg's products are hand thrown on a potter's wheel, combining traditional and innovative methods.

Photo: © Hákon Björnsson
White & gold plate

This porcelain plate features a unique and elegant design. It was hand thrown on a potter’s wheel and gilded by hand.

Photo: © Hákon Björnsson
Porcelain plate

This unique porcelain plate was hand thrown on a potter’s wheel combining traditional and innovative methods.

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