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Kaori Kurihara

  • Ceramicist
  • Paris, France
  • Rising Star
Kaori Kurihara Ceramicist
French, English, Japanese
By appointment only

At once realistic and dreamlike

  • • Kaori creates her own nature through ceramics
  • • She works the clay without using any geometric tracing tools
  • • She was awarded Prix de la Jeune Création Métiers d’Arts 2015

“Form and order, such as in the Golden Ratio, speak to me and attract me visually. This beauty instills a sense of comfort, in how we fit in nature, and it is this feeling of comfort that I wish to represent and share.” In her series of poetic ceramics, Kaori Kurihara creates sculptures that are at once realistic and inspired by her magical imagination. Initially inspired by the durian fruit, she explores the shape of this Asian plant in her sculpting, “creating the shape by introducing an order from nature.” Kaori learned the art of ceramics at Seika University in Kyoto and pursued her education by studying jewellery making in France. Her wide-ranging field of knowledge allows her to subtly mix techniques, such as enamelling her very detailed ceramic sculptures.

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  • ©Kaori KURIHARA
  • ©Kaori KURIHARA
  • ©Kaori KURIHARA
  • ©Kaori KURIHARA
  • ©Kaori KURIHARA
Photo: ©Kaori KURIHARA
Dreaming of being a Pierrot

This sculptural ceramic object is carefully handcrafted using the coiling technique and pastillage. For this object, the artist was inspired by the image of “a certain plant that admired the appearance of a clown and tried to put it on itself.”

Photo: ©Kaori KURIHARA
Temps doux

This sculptural ceramic object has been delicately crafted using the coiling and pastillage techniques. The object is inspired by the idea of feeling that spring is approaching.

Photo: ©Kaori KURIHARA
Embracing the desert breeze

This sculptural ceramic object is delicately handcrafted using both the coiling technique and pastillage. It has been inspired by the image of a cactus flower suddenly blooming and the traces of the wind across the desert.

Photo: ©Kaori KURIHARA
Palace of Abyss

This sculptural ceramic object is carefully made using the coiling and pastillage technique. The artist was inspired by the image of reaching the bottom of a deep sea to reveal an unknown palace where small fish are gathering.

Photo: ©Kaori KURIHARA
Nostalgic fragrance

This poetic and sculptural ceramic object is made using coiling and pastillage techniques. Inspired by the image of a perfume, where the memory of a loved one reminds you of an aroma and vice versa.

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