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Jules Vissers

  • Taftique
  • Tapestry making
  • Florence, Italy
  • Rising Star
Jules Vissers Tapestry making
Italian, Dutch, English, French, German
By appointment only
+39 3333585174
© Taftique

Painting with yarn

  • • Jules makes wall hangings, centerpieces and decorative rugs
  • • Her technique is called tufting and is similar to embroidery
  • • She uses wool, silk and special blended yarns

Jules Vissers' handmade artworks marry ancient tapestries with cubist paintings. Born in the Netherlands but based in Italy since 1998, Jules makes unique wall hangings, centerpieces and rugs in her atelier Taftique that she opened after a master's in Art Textile at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. Her technique is called tufting and is a kind of embroidery. First she makes a drawing and transfers it to cloth, then using a needle or a special gun with an air compressor, she inserts the yarn from the back of the cloth which makes it appear on the front size. She then either cuts it, so that is appears straight, or inserts it back into the cloth for a curved effect. When the design is complete, the yarn has to be trimmed and finally fixed with latex or glue. It is a very long process taking Jules up to a month to complete a large work.

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Photo: © Taftique

Triade is a framed tapestry made with the tufting technique. It shows three abstract flowers and brings visual delight through its variety of colors on a cream background. The artwork is hand tufted with wool, silk and mixed yarn, using different lengths of yarn and varying knot types for a three-dimensional texture. It can be hung on the wall both horizontally and vertically.

Length 156 cm
Width 100 cm
Height 5 cm

Photo: © Taftique
The Fish Family

This collection of hand-tufted abstract fish in various sizes is created with wool, silk and mixed yarns. The fish have a three-dimensional texture thanks to varying yarn heights and knot types. The fish are very soft to touch and their contrasting colour combinations bring joy to the living space. They have a crochet edging and their back is made of felt to give them an anti-slip and scratch-proof base. They can be hung on the wall or displayed on a flat surface.

Length 54 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 3 cm

Photo: © Taftique
Color Study I

This playful horizontal design is the result of a study based on the theory of complementary colours. The chosen complementary colours are: orange and purple, purple and green, green and pink. In the artwork many shades of these complementary colors are matched. The work is hand-tufted in wool and mixed yarns, using various heights and knot types. The edging is carried out in crochet using the same yarns as for the tufting. On the back a layer of felt protection is applied.

Length 193 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 4 cm

Photo: © Taftique
Deconstruction I

The framed tapestry Deconstruction I represents the process when an organised, regular structure changes into an irregular and chaotic state. The artwork is a kind of maze with hidden colours, where the longer threads keep some of the super-coloured paths almost hidden to the eye. The central part is the most irregular part of the design and the darkest: here the yarn heights are longer than on peripheral areas.

Length 162 cm
Width 112 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: © Taftique

This framed tapestry displays a mother with two children holding on to her. Both the symmetrical composition of the work and its colours imply the serenity and preciousness of the moment. The thin line, which cuts the woman in two, refers to the emotional difficulties of motherhood. The artist creates this line by using yarns of the same colour, but by changing both the type of knot and the length of the yarns used. Even within a single colour, the artist makes use of different materials, contrasting hemp with wool, thereby creating shades of the same colour.

Length 155 cm
Width 135 cm
Height 5 cm

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