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©Joe Kramm
©Joe Kramm
©Joe Kramm
©Studio Erick Saillet


  • Upholstery
  • Villeurbanne, France
  • Atelier
  • Not open to the public
Jouffre Upholstery
©Joe Kramm

Founded in 1987 in the French textile capital, Lyon, Jouffre expresses the elegance and impalpability of fabric. It upholds cultural traditions which have been passed down through the centuries. Their decor is not just a matter of sewing and assembling fabrics, it is also the result of researching techniques such as embroidery to create both classic and contemporary designs. This passion for detail and breadth of view has always fascinated Charles Jouffre and his collaborators.

©Studio Module

For over 30 years the team of skilled artisans and designers have respected savoir-faire in order to serve international clients. With workshops in Lyon and New York, showrooms in Paris and central Manhattan, the firm works for designers worldwide, as well as hotels and private households. They combine centuries-old techniques with the latest expertise and taste to design innovativeand exceptional decor. Their recent project is a unique curtain collection called Introspection.

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