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©Josef Woodturner
©Josef Woodturner
©Josef Woodturner
©Josef Woodturner
©Josef Woodturner

Josef Gereige & Olga Genetzaki

  • Woodturner
  • Archanes, Greece
  • Rising Star
Josef Gereige & Olga Genetzaki Woodturner
Greek, Arabic, English, French
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 09:30 - 14:00/17:30 - 21:00; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 09:30 - 15:00 (November-April); Wednesday to Sunday 10:30 - 19:00 (May-October)
+30 6943503388
©Josef Woodturner

Crete's creative duo

  • • Josef and Olga source their wood locally
  • • They opened their workshop in Archanes, Crete, in 2020
  • • Josef teaches woodturning to help revive the craft

Josef Gereige is a self-taught woodturner who learned the craft by watching videos on the internet and later taught his life partner, Olga Genetzaki, as well. Josef studied Civil Engineering and Olga specialised in Urban Planning Engineering, backgrounds that have helped them to learn woodturning, as they were already familiar with the material's properties and knew how to design. Their love for wood, introducing long lost wooden items into the lives of people and teaching the craft to newcomers is their way of reviving the tradition and being innovative at the same time. What they both love about this craft is the creativity, the ability to transform a piece of wood into something beautiful and the smile on the peoples’ face when they look at it or touch it.

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  • ©Josef Woodturner
  • ©Josef Woodturner
  • ©Josef Woodturner
  • ©Josef Woodturner
Photo: ©Josef Woodturner
Hollow form vase

This is one of Josef and Olga’s first hollow form vases from firewood. It has a lid and a finial which was made to accomplish the vase’s form. The grain pattern was unexpected but it speaks for itself.

Height 20 cm
Diameter 17 cm

Photo: ©Josef Woodturner
Fire vase

Inspired by ancient Greek amphorae, this is a hollow form vase with contracting grain patterns. The vase has a narrow base and it gets wider on the upper part. The finial is sculpted in the shape of a flame which compliments the vase.

Height 24 cm
Diameter 13.5 cm

Photo: ©Josef Woodturner
Red mini vase

This is a tiny piece of carob wood with a rare grain pattern and a vibrant red colour made into a hollow form vase with a tall finial. In this hollow form the natural opening was left untouched so the work done inside of the vase is visible to the observer.

Height 21.5 cm
Diameter 12 cm

Photo: ©Josef Woodturner
Bird’s eye vase

This hollow form vase is made of olive wood with bird's eye patterns that resemble tiny, swirling eyes disrupting the smooth lines of the grain. The vase has a U shape so that its natural opening will remain intact.

Height 25.5 cm
Diameter 14 cm

Enjoy an experience with Josef Gereige & Olga Genetzaki

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