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© Julian Calder
© Dr. A. Whitaker
© Andrew Whtiaker
© Andrew Whtiaker

Joey Richardson

  • Wood sculptor
  • Licolnshire, United Kingdom
  • Master Artisan
Joey Richardson Wood sculptor
By appointment only
© Dr. A. Whitaker

Revealing the story and soul of wood

  • • The first wooden object Joey made was an oak stool
  • • She won a woodturning competition despite cutting her finger in an accident
  • • One of Joey’s studios is a treehouse

Joey Richardson’s bucket list, following a big accident and hospitalisation in her early 20s, included creating items out of wood, so she enrolled in a woodworking evening class. Growing up on a small farm in the middle of beautiful woodland, her love for fauna and flora developed. A bursary award from the Worshipful Company of Turners of London allowed Joey to study with the late master Binh Pho, followed by a scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust and a master’s degree in fine arts. These rich experiences, among many others, shaped her unique style, which comes from combining traditional woodworking skills with innovative techniques such as piercing, texturing, airbrushing and carving, and occasionally using mixed media to produce new and exciting concepts.

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  • © Andrew Whtiaker
  • © Andrew Whtiaker
  • © Andrew Whtiaker
  • © Andrew Whtiaker
  • © Andrew Whtiaker
Photo: © Andrew Whtiaker
True Gold

This is a turned, carved, pierced and textured wood sculpture. Airbrushed with acrylic, the warm colours represent summer through to autumn. True Gold captures the golden English summer days in the beautiful countryside that surrounds Joey Richardson. Different natural elements are beautifully intertwined here; carved heads of wheat, flowing petals, sunflowers and other fauna and flora are hidden in the piercing, colouring and texturing.

Height 24 cm
Diameter 19 cm

Photo: © Andrew Whtiaker

Created by Joey Richardson to celebrate the 90th birthday of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Estimate is named after the royal racehorse that won the Royal Ascot Gold Cup. This turned and carved wooden floral sculpture is pierced, textured and airbrushed with images representing the Queen's love for the Commonwealth, her family and her horses, as well as flowers from the royal estate of Sandringham. The colours purple and scarlet represent the horse's racing silks. The three loose butterflies, when viewed sideways, transform into horses.

Height 30 cm
Diameter 28 cm

Photo: © Andrew Whtiaker
From the Bark

A burr wood base supports three wooden butterfly wings. Using pyrography and texturing, the smaller inner wings are covered with leaves. The middle element has been airbrushed and pierced to portray an emerging butterfly. The large wings are pierced with various images and numbers with airbrushed purple and red elements. This sculpture represents the butterfly’s struggle to escape its cocoon, which gives it the strength in its wings to fly away.

Height 32 cm
Diameter 24 cm

Photo: © Andrew Whtiaker

This turned, carved, wooden floral form by Joey Richardson is pierced, textured and airbrushed to create imagery relating to sycamore trees from HRH The Queen's Sandringham estate. Three butterflies, sporting a chainsaw, a camera film and a tooth respectively, represent everyone who was present on the day at Sandringham when the tree was felled. Pierced and airbrushed images of flowers and horses represent the Sandringham flower show and horse trials.

Height 26 cm
Diameter 20 cm

Photo: © Andrew Whtiaker

This is a turned and carved ornamental wooden teapot. The walnut base, carved in a branch effect, holds a sycamore wood egg which contains pierced and textured images of butterflies and nature. Airbrushed green and purple petals flow through the piercing. Two walnut branches become the spout and handle, while the lid, a carved contemporary leaf, has a green butterfly perched on top.

Height 22 cm
Diameter 13 cm

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