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©Henrik Lofqvist
©Henrik Lofqvist
©Henrik Lofqvist
©Henrik Lofqvist

Jette Noa Liv Bøge & Sally Xenia Christensen

  • BLÆS
  • Glassblower
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Master Artisan
Jette Noa Liv Bøge & Sally Xenia Christensen Glassblower
Danish, English, German, Norwegian
Daily 12:00 - 18:00; Tuesday closed (April - October)
+45 60685565

Blowing life into glass

  • • Jette and Sally believe in sustainability and circularity
  • • Each piece they create is unique and handmade
  • • Their portfolios feature numerous award-winning works

“What I love about this craft,” affirms Sally Xenia Christensen, “is the possibility to be creative on a professional level and be your own employee. This gives me a feeling of freedom and pleasure, where not two days are alike!” And Jette Noa Liv Bøge adds: “My passion is blowing glass, exploring shapes and mixing colours. I forget everything around me, when I blow glass!” Jette and Sally met in a glass studio in London, where they were doing an apprenticeship at the end of the 1990s. After acquiring an extensive knowledge of glassblowing in different parts of the world, in 2018 they decided to embark on their own enterprise, opening a studio in five containers situated in a street food market in Copenhagen. They called it BLÆS, which is Danish for ‘blow’, and a reference to the ancient art of shaping molten glass with mouth-blown air.

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  • ©Henrik Lofqvist
  • ©Henrik Lofqvist
  • ©Hanne Fuglbjerg
  • ©Hanne Fuglbjerg
  • ©Hanne Fuglbjerg
Photo: ©Henrik Lofqvist

The milk jug with its pointed base makes a playful dance on the table. It is part of the Diamond Collection, named after the faceted surface of the glass. The effect has been achieved by blowing into an optic brass mould. It is a collection of functional objects including a number of different shapes of vases and bowls arising from Jette Bøge’s craft based approach to design where the interaction with the material inspires and contributes to a design solution.

Width 8 cm
Diameter 10 cm

Photo: ©Henrik Lofqvist
Tall hybrid glass

This ongoing series of coloured glassware was first designed in 2012 by Sally Xenia. BLÆS is a multidisciplinary studio that works in the intersection between art, glass, design and commissioned work. Sally Xenia's work revolves around the exploration of the possibilities inherent in integrating digital tools in the making of glass, and thus explores what occurs when traditional techniques and traditions meet.

Height 13 cm
Width 7 cm

Photo: ©Hanne Fuglbjerg
Seaside table lamp

The Seaside table lamp, crafted from glass on a brass base, was designed by Sally Xenia and Jette Bøge. The lamp is born from the Seaside Lamps commissioned by Seaside Toldboden. The intention was to challenge the material and the traditional concept of a glass lampshade and to communicate the physical and aesthetic properties of the material, thereby creating an aesthetic expression that suited the interior and exterior of the location

Height 27 cm
Width 27 cm

Photo: ©Hanne Fuglbjerg
Stone vase

This glass vase, designed by Sally Xenia, is part of BLÆS’s Stone Collection. The series comprises a collection of unique sculptural objects created with stones collected in the workshop’s surroundings. The stones are used to build the moulds, giving every vase is unique characteristic aesthetic. The intention is to challenge the material and the traditional concept of glass, by finding new ways to communicate the physical and aesthetic properties of the material.

Length 18 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 20 cm

Photo: ©Hanne Fuglbjerg
Wine glasses

These wine glasses were designed for a curated Christmas table, setup at Holmegaard Vaerk. The intention was to challenge the material and the traditional concept of a wineglass. It was made to fit to the organic aesthetic which is a part of BLÆS’s identity. The collection of stem-wear was designed by Jette Bøge.

Height 18 cm
Width 7 cm

Enjoy an experience with Jette Noa Liv Bøge & Sally Xenia Christensen

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