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©Francesco Russotto
©Francesco Russotto
©Francesco Russotto
©Francesco Russotto

Jessica Ciaffarini

Jessica Ciaffarini Paper worker
Italian, English
Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00
+39 3478648041
©Francesco Russotto

Flowers for eternity

  • • Jessica handcrafts paper bouquets for occasions
  • • She is inspired by people and their stories
  • • Her compositions are environmentally friendly

To understand her potential as a craftsperson, Jessica Ciaffarini had to go through a professional pause and a period of reflection. "I had a little girl and for four years, I devoted myself to her. During that time, though, I knew there was something that had to emerge from this time. Then it clicked, while talking to my husband (a wedding photographer) about the difficulties of capturing nice pictures of bouquets. It was precisely this, plus my passion for eco design and art, that drew me to Unusual Bouquet”. Since then, Jessica has been working as a paper artisan in her own Italian studio, designing and creating unique and alternative flower compositions. She practises paper craft “because it gives me the freedom to express myself and the opportunity to evolve my style and ideas more and more”.

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  • ©Franceco Russotto
  • ©Franceco Russotto
  • ©Franceco Russotto
  • ©Francesco Russotto
  • ©Francesco Russotto
Photo: ©Franceco Russotto
Snow Bouquet

Snow bouquet represents the month of January. During this month in Italy, you may find snow in many regions and this is the natural element that inspired Jessica Ciaffarini. Winter's softness is found in the large, and fluffy flowers; winter air is represented with colours reminiscent of ice. The harshness of winter is found in the angular lines of the foliage.

Height 40 cm
Diameter 21 cm

Photo: ©Franceco Russotto
Autumn Bouquet Messy

Autumn Bouquet Messy represents the month of November, a romantic month with magical colours with which Jessica Ciaffarini associates the rose. There are the sienna coloured roses, made of crepe paper imbued with a rebellious character given by their incisive shades. They are accompanied by other types of roses, such as the bright pink and straw yellow Iceberg, Hybrid Tea with orange tones and the English rose.

Length 27 cm
Width 48 cm
Height 38 cm

Photo: ©Franceco Russotto
Posy Bouquet

The Posy Bouquet represents the month of December. Jessica Ciaffarini tries to break away from classical Christmas imagery. The magic linked to this month is represented with the use of brass. Through the gold colour, Pope's coins have been reinterpreted, bringing sparkle to the bouquet. The brass metal was hand carved. The whiteness of this month is represented by the calla lilies, which accompanied by the majesty of the roses, complete the floral composition.

Diameter 24 cm

Photo: ©Francesco Russotto
Paper Bouquet Covid

This paper bouquet was created during the quarantine caused by Covid-19. In order not to succumb to the great pressure of that period, Jessica Ciaffarini decided to try a new technique. With Favini braided paper and a palette of colours with warm tones she expressed her feelings.

Diameter 21 cm

Photo: ©Francesco Russotto
Sicily Paper Bouquet

This bouquet is part of a project followed during the quarantine caused by Covid-19. From her homeland, Sicily, Jessica Ciaffarini was inspired by the ceramics of Caltagirone. Made with professional Favini paper, each coloured sheet is woven to create the design that can be seen in the photo. Colours taken from the beautiful Sicily and reminiscent of the sun and the sea.

Diameter 17 cm

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