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©Eva Luursema
©Eva Luursema
©Eva Luursema
©Janneke Luursema

Janneke Luursema

  • Flower designer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Janneke Luursema Flower designer
Dutch, English
By appointment only
©Eva Luursema

From humble leaves to striking art

  • • Janneke is a photographer and flower designer
  • • She enjoys working with simple and humble materials
  • • She is influenced by ikebana art and Dutch painting

It’s not easy to decide whether Janneke Luursema is more of a photographer or a flower artist. Actually she is both, making beautiful arrangements with the plants she grows in her own garden and taking pictures of them that she sells online on her website. “At the beginning, shooting house plants was just an exercise to improve my technique” she explains. “Nowadays most of what I do, from brand collaborations to freelance photography for books, websites and magazines, is plant-related.” Her passion for nature dates back from childhood, when she enjoyed lying in the fields and making daisy chains with her friends. “Connecting to nature has always been vital to me. I find it soothing to capture its fleeting moments and contemplate them frozen in time.”

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  • ©Janneke Luursema
  • ©Janneke Luursema
  • ©Janneke Luursema
  • ©Janneke Luursema
  • ©Janneke Luursema
Photo: ©Janneke Luursema
Rosehips and gunnera

This botanical arrangement consists of four red rosehips placed just in front of one big, dried gunnera leaf. The container is a small black ceramic bowl. The arrangement is photographed against a mahogany backdrop.

Photo: ©Janneke Luursema
Rosehips and snowberries

Four red rosehips and some snowberries are arranged in a small wooden bowl. The design is simple, elegant and vertically-oriented. Placed on a side table against a mahogany backdrop, it was photographed using natural light.

Photo: ©Janneke Luursema
Four leaves

Four leaves are gracefully arranged in a slender silver vase. Each one of them is different from the other in colour, texture and size, but their harmony is striking. The table is covered with an emerald green silk scarf that adds luxury and elegance to the composition, which is photographed against a mahogany backdrop.

Photo: ©Janneke Luursema
Rosehip and dried leaf

A long, dried leaf is placed in a wooden bowl just behind a single branch of rosehip. The latter is small but stands out for its bright red colour against the greyish dead leaf. The picture is taken against a mahogany backdrop.

Photo: ©Janneke Luursema
Three shades of green

One is long and veined, one variegated, one smaller and irregular. Together these three leaves, taken from common house plants, compose an harmonic arrangement. They are placed in a wooden bowl and photographed against a medium grey backdrop.

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