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Jaap Snijder & Marcelo Gimenes

  • Decorative painter
  • Zierikzee, Netherlands
  • Master Artisan
Jaap Snijder & Marcelo Gimenes Decorative painter
Dutch, English, German, Portuguese
By appointment only
+31 (0)641491226

An old Dutch craft

  • • Jaap Snijder and Marcelo Gimenes work as a duo
  • • They make personalised wall hangings
  • • They mix traditional and contemporary skills

Established in Rotterdam, the duo of craftsmen Jaap Snijder and Marcelo Gimenes decided to embrace the traditional Dutch art of large landscape wall hangings. After researching old techniques from the 18th and 19th centuries, they now create personalised handmade wallpapers presenting landscapes, animals and vegetation. The impressive pieces, often as big as several metres in height and width, require patience and a meticulous process of creation, one they describe as meditative. Eager to keep this long-lost traditional craft alive, the duo collaborates with many institutions to offer a new perspective on the Dutch wall hangings, as well as working with design academies and applied art institutions in order to preserve the expertise behind this craft.

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  • ©Snijder&CO
  • ©Snijder&CO
  • ©Snijder&CO
  • ©Snijder&CO
  • ©Snijder&CO
Photo: ©Snijder&CO
Kingfisher in a blossom tree

This painting is a preliminary sketch for a larger wall hanging. It is a delicate representation of the beauty of nature; on the right is a kingfisher bird in a blossom tree, and on the left we can see a white butterfly flying away in the background. It was painted on fleece wallpaper, a material particularly suited for hand painted wallpaper.

Height 75 cm
Width 100 cm

Photo: ©Snijder&CO
White egret

This painting is a detail of a Triptych that was made for a couple who lived and worked in London, Hong Kong and New York. The wall hanging represents the flora and fauna of those three cities. Here we can see a beautiful white egret surrounded by high grass, trees and colourful flowers.

Height 300 cm
Width 200 cm

Photo: ©Snijder&CO
The white room (detail)

This is a detail of a large hand painted wallpaper for a modern house. Committed to offering personal paintings, Snijder and Gimenes brought to life the specific colour schemes the client had in mind to match with her white interior. This painting is a delicate design of flowers and silver birches with vivid colours such as orange, yellow and green.

Height 600 cm
Width 300 cm

Photo: ©Snijder&CO
King Crane Triptych

This creation is a tryptich – a three-part painting that hold all their meaning in their combination. On the centre piece we can see a king crane standing in grass with the sky and clouds in the background. The left and right pieces represent four birds sitting on the branches of trees, all looking towards the centre where the king crane is. This piece is inspired by old paintings and murals of birds.

Height 180 cm
Width 225 cm

Photo: ©Snijder&CO
Era of Prosperity

This piece was created for a museum that used to be a grand mansion with beautiful Chinese wallpaper from the 18th century. In order to achieve this result, the artists used wallpaper designs still existing in the mansion and mixed them with their own contemporary style. Represented are three trees covered in flowers with a delicate green background. The work has since been on loan in several museums.

Height 265 cm
Width 172 cm

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