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©Katarzyna Wrona
©Halota Opalinski
©Halota Opalinski
©Warsztat Tamborska

Iwona Tamborska

  • Rekami Stworzone
  • Jewellery maker
  • Wrocław, Poland
  • Master Artisan
Iwona Tamborska Jewellery maker
Polish, English
By appointment only
+48 698732497
©Katarzyna Wrona

A story of silver

  • • Iwona is a finalist of the prestigious Saul Bell Design Award
  • • Her works were exhibited in National Museums in China
  • • Jewellery is an artistic expression of her emotions

There are moments in life that can shape someone’s destiny. For Iwona Tamborska that moment was a sudden health issue. During her recovery time, she decided to leave her career as a landscape architect behind and pursue her dreams as an artisan. She considers herself a self-taught artist. "When I took my first steps into silversmithing, there were no schools or easy ways to learn. It was a long and devoted research through tears and failures. As I look at it now in retrospect, I think that learning through my mistakes gave me more space for creativity and a fresh look at this craft. Where I can connect traditional and modern techniques all together." Iwona’s works can now be admired at exhibitions and fairs worldwide.

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  • ©Bizuteria Tamborska
  • ©Bizuteria Tamborska
  • ©Bizuteria Tamborska
  • ©Bizuteria Tamborska
  • ©Bizuteria Tamborska
Photo: ©Bizuteria Tamborska
Opal and Iris Flowers

Silver ring with a naturally cracked Ethiopian opal around which grow iris flowers. The inside of the flowers are adorned with natural amethyst crystals, one of which is a flower bud. The petals are gold-plated. The ring is a hollow, transparent construction adorned with small synthetic amethysts. It was exhibited in Tokyo during the Silver Accessories Contest 2019 exhibition.

Height 5 cm
Width 5 cm
Depth 4.5 cm

Photo: ©Bizuteria Tamborska
We are all broken inside

Gold-plated silver necklace, that at first glance exudes Art Nouveau elegance. But on the second look the details reveal cracks, holes, spider webs, insects and a tiny human. The bottom glass bulb is filled with raspberry juice, the cage holds amber, the thistles are enamelled, and the moon is adorned with synthetic sapphires. The cords are made of faceted citrines. This necklace was exhibited in the Guizhou National Museum of China.

Height 14 cm
Width 17.5 cm
Length 31 cm

Photo: ©Bizuteria Tamborska
Dragonfly Queen Brooch

This Brooch was made in the Art Nouveau style and features a beautiful woman as a dragonfly. Her wings are decorated with natural rubies, 24 k gold petals and her tail is adorned with a beautiful opal. The woman’s body is gold-plated and she wears a flower crown.

Height 6.5 cm
Width 6.5 cm

Photo: ©Bizuteria Tamborska
Dragonfly Pond Collar

This silver necklace features a large labradorite in its centre, which attracts a silver dragonfly like it is a water pond. The composition is closed with a moonstone. The silver decorations are chemically coloured from black to brown, to goldish, to silver, to white.

Length 21.5 cm
Width 13.5 cm

Photo: ©Bizuteria Tamborska

This gold-plated silver necklace features a spectacular two-colour opal and a black pearl. Cranes are a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. A crane holding a stone in its claw is a well-known symbol of protection. Here the cranes are protecting the opal, as a metaphor of the soul.

Height 9.5 cm
Width 5 cm

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