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© Matjaž Rušt
© Matjaž Rušt
© Katja Goljat
© Matjaž Rušt
© Bojan Brecel

Ivana Petan

  • Studio s u k
  • Ceramicist
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Master Artisan
Ivana Petan Ceramicist
Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Serbian
By appointment only
+386 40840010
© Matjaž Rušt

A living material

  • • Ivana's creations are functional and artistic
  • • She loves to follow natural textures
  • • She creates tactile ceramic pieces

Ivana Petan became interested in ceramics more than 20 years ago. She learned from a master of ceramics for two years, and despite her formal education in social pedagogy, she decided to dedicate herself to clay. Once she had mastered certain techniques, she bought a pottery wheel and a kiln. But technique isn’t everything; she feels it’s important to work with your imagination. According to Ivana, only when you get to know the qualities of the material and respect it, can you create something. For her, clay is a living medium through which she gets to know herself; when she teaches her students, she gets to know them, too. Her master’s degree in philosophy of visual culture and her interest in nature inspired her career path.

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  • © Bojan Brecelj
  • © Bojan Brecelj
  • © Bojan Brecelj
  • © Bojan Brecelj
  • © Bojan Brecelj
Photo: © Bojan Brecelj
Ceramic bowl

The small base of this dark stoneware bowl creates balance by adding a hint of lightness to the heft of the solid stoneware. The bowl was hand thrown on a potter’s wheel and fired in an electric kiln.

Height 13 cm
Diameter 14 cm

Photo: © Bojan Brecelj
Oval ceramic bowl

This oval, turquoise, stoneware bowl fits in the palm of a hand, making it very pleasant and natural to hold. It was shaped on a potter’s wheel, hand altered and glazed with turquoise glaze and sprayed with iron oxide.

Height 9 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Bojan Brecelj
Ceramic bowl

This v-form stoneware bowl with a small base was shaped on a potter’s wheel and glazed only on the inside. The combination of slip and glaze inside the bowl creates a texture resembling the skin of a red snake with a gold shine. In contrast, the matt, speckled, light surface of the unglazed, rough, stoneware exterior gives a tactile experience.

Height 4.7 cm
Diameter 17 cm

Photo: © Bojan Brecelj
Ceramic plate

This stoneware plate was created by rolling and repeatedly overlapping stoneware coils while adding porcelain and different kinds of stoneware in various colours. With no defined outcome, the process resulted in unique images and textures. The idea was that its soil-like surface would provoke the desire to eat.

Height 1 cm
Diameter 19 cm

Photo: © Bojan Brecelj
Three ceramic cups

The form of these asymmetrical stoneware cups was achieved by rubbing white stoneware powder into the wet, dark brown stoneware surface. The result is a cracked, earthy, rough surface.

Height 8 cm
Diameter 8 cm

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