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© Ana Brígida
© Ana Brígida
© Ana Brígida
© Ilaria Bozzini

Inês Telles

  • Jewellery maker
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Master Artisan
Inês Telles Jewellery maker
Portuguese, English, Spanish
By appointment only
+351 916523797
© Ana Brígida

From art historian to Jeweller

  • • Inês is fascinated by the role jewellery has played throughout humanity
  • • She set up her jewellery workshop during her history of art degree
  • • Her contemporary pieces are inspired by historical and traditional adornments

Jeweller Inês Telles is also an Art Historian, she is especially interested in the existence of jewellery since early human history, whether to mark religious, pagan or social manifestations. She opened her jewellery workshop while still studying her degree in the History of Art. “I was missing the practical side of working with fire and noble materials. As a child I already enjoyed making jewels. My first earring was made with some wire and a whelk.” After completing a jewellery course she moved to Brazil where she worked alongside a master jeweller. This experience really shaped her, giving her confidence to return to Lisbon and launch her signature line of jewellery. Inês likes to believe that her pieces not only beautify but also make those who wear them feel positive and well.

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  • © Ilaria Bozzini
  • © Filipa Alves
  • © Ilaria Bozzini
  • © Filipa Alves
Photo: © Ilaria Bozzini
Duoo ring

The Duoo ring, handcrafted from sterling silver, is an elegant and strong ring with a bulging shape. The ring is part of a sophisticated and elegant collection of solid and flat structures embedded with an organic feeling of irregularity and comfort.

Height 1.5 cm

Photo: © Filipa Alves
Duoo earrings

These long earrings, handcrafted from gold-plated silver, consist of two flat pieces and an articulation between them. These irregular and hollow pieces contrast with the perfection of their finishing. This sophisticated and elegant collection of solid and flat structures are embedded with an organic feeling of irregularity and comfort.

Height 5 cm

Photo: © Ilaria Bozzini
Azura long earrings

This pair of long earrings, crafted from gold-plated sterling silver, are composed of three circular and concave pieces. The first two are of the same size and the last of a smaller size. The shapes of this new collection are inspired by the vertical bodies composed by overlapping stones, the Mariolas, as they are called in Portugal. They are built by the shepherds in order to guide the way through the mountains.

Height 6 cm
Diameter 1.7 cm

Photo: © Filipa Alves
Solar earrings

These gold-plated sterling silver earrings, part of Inês Telles’s Solar collection, are made up of two flat bodies, at right angles to each other. Flat surfaces and jagged rectangular forms convey lightness and movement. The works from the collection are light with dancing jewels, decorated by cut patterns, between the full and the empty, light and shadow, punctuated with small pearls and narrow slats of silver.

Height 4.8 cm

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