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©Ida Isak Westerberg
©Ida Isak Westerberg
©Ida Isak Westerberg
©Ida Isak Westerberg
©Ida Isak Westerberg

Ida Isak Westerberg

  • Weaver
  • Älvsbyn, Sweden
  • Rising Star
Ida Isak Westerberg Weaver
©Ida Isak Westerberg

A softer world

  • • Ida Isak moved back to Norrbotten in 2018
  • • Their first textile project was a utopian baseball cap
  • • Sustainability is key to Ida Isak’s textile works

The whole story begins with Ida Isak Westerberg working as a pre-school teacher. “I was quite tired from working all the time and wanted a year for myself pursuing what I really wanted. Back then I was embroidering a lot during my spare time, so I decided to study textile crafts for a year. I applied and got accepted at the school Handarbetets vänner (Friends of handicraft), even though they told me there was a lot more weaving than embroidery. And suddenly, the loom won both my heart and enthusiasm”. Nowadays, Ida Isak work with very traditional Swedish weaving techniques with a contemporary twist, and is especially fond of ‘rya’, where both wefts and knots are used while weaving, in order to produce hairy wool rugs. “I don't want my work to reflect history” Ida Isak says, “I want it to be contemporary with a hint of heritage".

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  • ©Ida Isak Westerberg
  • ©Ida Isak Westerberg
  • ©Ida Isak Westerberg
  • ©Ida Isak Westerberg
  • ©Ida Isak Westerberg
Photo: ©Ida Isak Westerberg
Det forsar

This handwoven blanket embraces you the way water embraces you. The patterns made up of rya knots reflect the rivers in north Sweden. A celebration of the raw forces, and at the same time something you can wrap yourself in, to feel warm and safe. It was made as part of the artistic mentorship programme Myter och verkligheter – en lesbisk odyssé.

Height 140 cm
Width 120 cm

Photo: ©Ida Isak Westerberg

This handwoven, doublesided rya sculpture on wooden legs changes form depending on the users' needs. It can be physical needs such as a space for rest. It can be psychological needs such as safety and comfort.

Height 73 cm
Width 180 cm

Photo: ©Ida Isak Westerberg
Cookies 1 and 2

These two pieces in röllakan are made from left over yarn from Ida Isak Westerberg’s sculptural piece Ryafallet. The patterns were created directly on the loom without any pre-planned patterns. They are perfect for sitting on and create a feeling of crayon blocks.

Length 103 cm
Width 50 cm

Photo: ©Ida Isak Westerberg
Gungfly nr.1

The patterns of this handwoven textile were taken from photo negatives dipped in mire. A combination of mire created patterns, and colours taken from nature, reminds us of peat, the sphagnum and marsh lands. The textile invites you to take a break in the moss.

Length 43 cm
Width 67 cm

Photo: ©Ida Isak Westerberg
Detail from Paradiset på jorden (Paradise on earth)

A queer space can be an escape from everyday life that you don't always agree with. Paradiset på jorden is a drapery that symbolises the perfect escape, a queer paradise with a waterfall, people in love, animals and trees. This detail shows a person cooling-off outside a sauna.

Length 220 cm
Width 220 cm

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