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Hyejung Sin

Hyejung Sin Jewellery maker
Korean, English
By appointment only
+82 1082903382
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Heed nature

  • • Hyejung Sin finds expression of nature in sound
  • • She finds nobility in the things that are not flashy
  • • She uses silver as blank canvas with limitless potential

Hyejung Sin finds balance in working on her art whilst taking care of her family. She feels the warmth of objects silently placed in her surroundings. Her husband is also a sculptor and so in this artistic atmosphere in the family home, her daily life influences and inspires her work. She chose silver as the main material for most of her work as they portray cycles of growth and extinction in patterns and images. Time put into works of silver is like space in a blank paper, which is more valuable than ornaments. She expresses the simplicity of nature by removing superfluous elements.

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  • © Hyejung Sin
  • © Hyejung Sin
  • © Hyejung Sin
  • © Hyejung Sin
  • © Hyejung Sin
Photo: © Hyejung Sin
Newness brooches

These brooches, named "Newness: Reformation of Scattered Things" are handcrafted with dried leaves coated with resin and sterling silver. The texture was created by metal chasing.

Length 15 cm
Width 9.8 cm
Height 3.9 cm

Photo: © Hyejung Sin
Late Fall Leaf III necklace

This poetic necklace is modelled on natural leaves. It is fully handmade in sterling and fine silver. The texture was achieved by chasing and hammering.

Length 55 cm
Width 13.3 cm
Height 5 cm

Photo: © Hyejung Sin
Late Spring brooch

Sterling silver brooch inspired by flower petals of late spring. The petals were formed with a mould, then soldered together.

Length 12 cm
Width 9.6 cm
Height 4 cm

Photo: © Hyejung Sin
The Trace of Accumulated Times brooch

This brooch is a statement about the recreation of dying nature. It is made with sterling silver wires shaped to form flowers then sewed with rubber leaves. It is an expression of agony in the soft and fragile beauty of nature.

Length 18.5 cm
Width 23 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: © Hyejung Sin
Late Fall Leaf II necklace

Sterling silver necklace modelled after dry autumn leaves. The texture was achieved by chasing and hammering. It represents the unique inexplicable beauty and story of nature as it heads toward death.

Length 24 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 3.5 cm

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