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©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur
©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur
©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur
©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur
©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur

Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur

  • Porcelain crafting
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Manufacturer
  • Guided tour only
Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur Porcelain crafting
©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur

Founded in 1746 as the porcelain manufacturer of the Elector of Mainz, the Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur is the second oldest porcelain manufacturer in Germany. In a listed industrial building at the Höchster Stadtpark, porcelain gifts and accessories are made by hand just as they were made more than 270 years ago. Each piece from the Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur collection is an expression of craftsmanship, tradition, aesthetics and individuality. Qualities of a style that is not determined by the trends of the day - but rather gives shape to history.

©Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur

From the traditional production of the porcelain from natural raw materials kaolin, quartz and feldspar, to the first artistic draft and finally the finished masterpiece, many steps are required which are carried out with extensive experience and sensitivity. It is the careful creation by hand, the individual touch of each artisan that gives every piece a special quality and a fascination.

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