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© Mikayel & Hasmiks
© Narek Harutyunyan
© Mikayel & Hasmiks
© Narek Harutyunyan

Hasmik Soghomonyan & Mikayel Torosyan

Hasmik Soghomonyan & Mikayel Torosyan Leatherworker
Armenian, English, Russian
By appointment only
+374 94447722
© Narek Harutyunyan

United in craft

  • • Hasmik and Mikayel combine their talents to make leather bags
  • • They are inspired by nature and the working process
  • • They offer workshops from their studio in Dilijan

Hasmik Soghomonyan and Mikayel Torosyan live and work in Dilijan. Here, they founded the MiKashi brand, which offers bespoke leather bags for women and men. The pair have different artistic specialties; Hasmik is mainly experienced in jewellery making and works with silver, while Mikayel is an experienced designer. They combine their talents and ideas to create MiKashi's handmade leather bags. Most of the bags feature typical Armenian decoration depicting flowers and animals. Their inspiration comes from the working process itself, but at the same time, they are both inspired by the endless beauty of the nature around Dilijan. This artistic couple has a small workshop where visitors can view their bags and make their own customised leather accessories.

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  • © Mikayel & Hasmiks
  • © Mikayel & Hasmiks
  • © Mikayel & Hasmiks
  • © Mikayel & Hasmiks
  • © Mikayel & Hasmiks
Photo: © Mikayel & Hasmiks

Handcrafted leather clutch bags with metal buttons. Perfect for a night out with an evening dress.

Height 12 cm
Width 25 cm

Photo: © Mikayel & Hasmiks

This bag was handcrafted in naturally tanned leather in the Steampunk fashion. It is the first piece of a new collection in this style.

Height 25 cm
Width 22 cm
Width 10 cm

Photo: © Mikayel & Hasmiks
Bag – Button

This bag was originally made for Mikayel and Hasmik’s five-year-old daughter. After it became popular with their clients, the couple decided to create different variations. It is handcrafted in leather and features metal buttons.

Height 8 cm
Width 16 cm
Width 8 cm

Photo: © Mikayel & Hasmiks
Bag – Bird

The symbol of the bird is very present in Armenia’s decorative art, something that inspired Mikayel and Hasmik while crafting this leather bag.

Height 15 cm
Width 20 cm
Width 5.5 cm

Photo: © Mikayel & Hasmiks
Bag – Ornament

This handcrafted bag in naturally tanned leather features metal buttons. It was decorated with the traditional Armenian cross-stone, which symbolises eternity.

Height 18 cm

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