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©Zsolt Sosterics
©Hajnal Gyeviki
©Zsolt Sosterics
©Hajnal Gyeviki

Hajnal Gyeviki

  • Ceramicist
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Rising Star
Hajnal Gyeviki Ceramicist
Hungarian, English
By appointment only
+36 203507231
©Zsolt Sosterics

Nature nourishing ceramics

  • • Sustainability plays a key role in the life and work of Hajnal
  • • Her chosen material shapes her at least as much as she shapes it
  • • She hopes to explore her own natural glazes

Hajnal Gyeviki practically absorbed the love of ceramics and the humility needed to process it with breast milk: her mother is renowned ceramic artist Sára Magdolna Tóth. Her first solo work was a bird carved from a piece of porcelain found in her mother’s workshop, which she made at the age of three and which she is still happy with today – as she says, it’s an exceptional case. The young designer lives on a farm, where she spends a lot of time studying plants, sustainable nutrition and permaculture. Her current plan is to experiment with the use of plant-based ashes and minerals for ceramic purposes. Sustainability is not only an aspect of design, but the basis of her everyday life and her main source of inspiration.

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  • ©Hajnal Gyeviki
  • ©Hajnal Gyeviki
  • ©Hajnal Gyeviki
  • ©Hajnal Gyeviki
  • ©Hajnal Gyeviki
Photo: ©Hajnal Gyeviki
Red Cracks

This experimental series of stoneware pottery aims to showcase the organic relationship between form and the surface of functional ceramic pots. Each piece is thrown and deformed on the potter’s wheel, leaving traces on the exterior surface. Red Cracks particularly contrasts smooth and cracked surfaces, enhanced by the white slip on the dark red body.

Height 13 cm
Diameter 19 cm

Photo: ©Hajnal Gyeviki

Flow, a stoneware pot, is part of Hajnal Gyeviki’s experimental pottery series that aims to showcase the organic relationship between form and surface of usable ceramic pots. The stoneware pot is thrown on the potter’s wheel and the topside deformed from within, leaving a trace on the exterior. The particular harmony of Flow lies in its repetitive waves that appears in both shape and surface.

Length 14 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 12 cm

Photo: ©Hajnal Gyeviki

Puritea is a herbal tea set handcrafted from stoneware. The tea set is designed for making loose-leaf teas and infusions. Each piece was thrown on the potter’s wheel, except the spoon, which was press moulded. Most of the surfaces are unglazed which enhances the visibility and tactile sensation of the craftwork traces. The harmony of the dominant matte dark grey and glossy pink colours makes an old tradition suitable for today’s taste and contributes to the enjoyment of tea and relaxation.

Photo: ©Hajnal Gyeviki
Zen garden plate

This decorative ceramic plate prevails when hanging low. The stoneware plate, thrown on a potter’s wheel, is inclined slightly when hung from the ceiling. Small holey wings attached on opposite sides of the rim allows the object to be hung horizontally by two points. The wings are facing in opposite direction, creating a sense of movement around the rim, while the concentric traces and the crystallisation of the ash glaze pulls the focus to the centre of the plate.

Height 6.5 cm
Diameter 18 cm

Photo: ©Hajnal Gyeviki
The breeder’s kitchenware

This stoneware collection consists of three cups, each presenting a combination of zoomorphic forms with usable functionality. The animal reminiscent forms and the archetypal representation of cups play a central role in each piece, while the everyday usability is varying from object to object. Archaic associations are combined with a contemporary approach, focusing on the characteristics enhanced by the silhouettes and pale earth colours.

Length 15 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 4.5 cm

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