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© Kent Thunlind
© Anna-Kajsa Påve
© Anna-Kajsa Påve
© Anna-Kajsa Påve

Göran Söderström

  • Jewellery maker
  • Lannavaara, Sweden
  • Master Artisan
Göran Söderström Jewellery maker
Swedish, English
By appointment only
+46 (0)768008331
© Anna-Kajsa Påve

A jewel of the north

  • • Göran designs and creates silver and gold jewellery
  • • Kristallen, his uncle’s workshop, was where it all started
  • • He now teaches goldsmithing and stone polishing at Kristallen

Göran Söderström’s interest in jewellery making has always been there, since his teenage years. “The first time I really understood that silver and gold were ‘my materials’ was when I joined a course at Kristallen in Lannavaara, a workshop and company founded by my uncle. That week meant a lot to me, because I saw all the potential of working with metals,” he says. It was then that Göran started out in jewellery designing, making and stone polishing. A long apprenticeship awaited him after that, but he eventually succeeded in his goal of becoming a goldsmith. He now has his own workshop in Lannavaara, a small village located above the Arctic Polar Circle, where he designs and creates gold and silver jewellery with gemstones, as well as teaching stone polishing and goldsmithing at Kristallen.

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  • © Anna-Kajsa Påve
  • © Anna-Kajsa Påve
  • © Anna-Kajsa Påve
  • © Anna-Kajsa Påve
  • © Anna-Kajsa Påve
Photo: © Anna-Kajsa Påve

This brooch was inspired by jewellery decoration of southern Sami culture, which Göran’s father is originally from. It is handcrafted in silver and made to complement traditional Sami clothing.

Height 0.4 cm

Photo: © Anna-Kajsa Påve

The titanium part of this gold plated silver necklace was given a purple colour using a unique machine built especially for colouring metals with electricity. Although the original colour is grey, by using different voltages from 10V to 100V, Göran is able to obtain almost all the colours of the rainbow.

Height 0.25 cm

Photo: © Anna-Kajsa Påve
Wedding rings

These wedding rings were custom-made in white and red gold.

Photo: © Anna-Kajsa Påve
Water & Fire

This necklace was created for an exhibition in 2019. It was handcrafted in silver and adorned with a red garnet that Göran bought off a friend from Malawi. The stone was found and polished there.

Photo: © Anna-Kajsa Påve
The Lainioriver

These candleholders are part of a series developed for an Ateljénord exhibition in Kiruna named Juuret, which means roots in Swedish. They were created as a symbol of the Lainio river, which runs through Göran’s village.

Height 0.5 cm
Height 0.8 cm

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