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©Stefan Đaković
©Stefan Đaković
©Stefan Đaković
©Stefan Đaković
©Goran Ristovic Pokimica

Goran Ristovic Pokimica

  • Filigree maker
  • Kraljevo, Serbia
  • Master Artisan
Goran Ristovic Pokimica Filigree maker
Serbian, English, Portuguese
By appointment only
+381 36319944
©Stefan Đaković

Filigree for devotion

  • • Goran was taught by a master and now trains as one
  • • He uses the filigree to make ecclesiastical objects
  • • He is eager to help to preserve the Serbian heritage tied up in this craft

Goran Ristovic Pokimica sees himself as a guardian of an ancient craft and it’s easy to see why. He became enchanted by the craft on his visits to the filigree workshop of his father-in-law. This deep appreciation of the mastery and craftsmanship involved increased his appreciation of the minutely made filigree objects at a Serbian Orthodox monastery. With a master artisan in-law to teach him the essentials, he started to learn. Training in Majdanpek jewellery factory and eventually leaving his managerial job in order to open his own workshop. Today, Goran is a master, specialised in making objects for ecclesiastical use, inspired by monasteries and museum depots. Working out of his Kraljevo studio, he continues to train one apprentice at a time. He has kept the first object he ever made – a small pendant – as a memento.

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  • ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
  • ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
  • ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
  • ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
  • ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
Photo: ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
Reliquary box

This silver filigree reliquary box is used for safeguarding Holy relics for veneration purposes. It’s made in wild pear wood with the miniature carving of St Mammas. Delicately crafted, the box is entirely covered with silver filigree and granules.

Length 12 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
Altar oil lamp

This silver filigree altar oil lamp is a genuine ecclesiastical item, handmade using the silver filigree technique. Lamps of this type are found in Orthodox monasteries and churches and this particular one hangs in front of the Holy Virgin Tomb in Jerusalem.

Height 30 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
Eucharistic set

This silver filigree Eucharistic set is used for Holy Communion in Orthodox churches and it consists of a chalice, paten, an asterisk, cup, plate, spoon, and spear. Minutely crafted, the set is made to serve a liturgic purpose in accordance with Orthodox doctrine.

Width 17 cm
Height 30 cm
Diameter 12 cm

Photo: ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
Holy Gospel

This silver filigree Gospel binding is decorated with depictions of the four Gospel writers and Jesus Christ, with contrasting details in brass. Such gospels are used by priests during Orthodox Liturgy and they are usually decorated with precious metals and adorned with jewels.

Length 30 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 6 cm

Photo: ©Goran Ristovic Pokimica
Hand blessing cross

This silver filigree blessing cross is made out of wild pear wood with miniature carving and is completely covered with silver filigree. It has an elongated bottom part to serve as a handle. Held in their hand, such blessing crosses are used by Orthodox priests during Liturgy.

Length 31 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 2.5 cm

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