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©Giola Cassar
©Giola Cassar
©Giola Cassar
©Giola Cassar
©Giola Cassar

Glen Calleja

Glen Calleja Bookbinder
Maltese, English, Italian
By appointment only
+356 99236238
©Giola Cassar

Beyond the craft of books

  • • Glen is a master of paper weaves
  • • He draws his inspiration from Robert Rauschenberg and Japanese paper crafts and pottery
  • • He combines his bookbinding craftsmanship with his passion for creating ragdolls

Almost a decade ago, bookbinder Glen Calleja embarked on his first traditional bookbinding course alongside master Lori Sauer. With a degree in Psychology and Philosophy, as well as a degree in Near Eastern Studies, Glen turned to bookbinding spurred by his interest in literature. He was fascinated by alternative book formats, asking himself "What makes a book?". He observed the manner in which the book is omnipresent in our daily lives, while also lies at the heart of our civilisation in terms of a moral and legal code, regulating our conduct while influencing a degree of power. With these reflections in mind, he began to delve into the art of book making, seeking to learn how the physical book is crafted with traditional techniques.

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  • ©Giola Cassar
  • ©Giola Cassar
  • ©Giola Cassar
  • ©Giola Cassar
  • ©Giola Cassar
Photo: ©Giola Cassar
Rosner book

This binding by Glen Calleja is made to display the artistic photos it contains in a practical and aesthetic way. It was made for an artist as a way to present their work.

Height 35 cm
Width 35 cm

Photo: ©Giola Cassar

This piece by Glen of Kotba Calleja is a flagbook with a hardback cover. Flagbooks are artistic and sculptural artist books based on an accordion-like shape where the pages, glued to the sides of the accordion, are displayed like flags once the book is opened.

Height 29.7 cm
Width 18 cm

Photo: ©Giola Cassar
Castillo cases

This case by Glen Calleja is made to contain printed novel. The exterior part of the cover is a light textile-like purple, and the interior is white.

Height 32 cm
Width 32 cm

Photo: ©Giola Cassar

This hardback poetry book by Glen of Kotba Calleja is made with two sides of lecture to it. The exterior of the book is black with the interior yellow, and the cover has two folds that opens the book in the middle like shutters.

Height 29 cm
Width 16 cm

Photo: ©Giola Cassar
Weave no.2

This sculpture by Glen Calleja is a wall hanging made of paper. The pieces of paper are folded and bent in different ways with touches of colours: orange and red.

Height 150 cm
Width 70 cm

Enjoy an experience with Glen Calleja

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