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© Giuseppe Giudici
© Giuseppe Giudici
© Giuseppe Giudici
© Giuseppe Giudici
© Giuseppe Giudici

Giuseppe Giudici

Giuseppe Giudici Sundial maker
By appointment only
+39 3389942295
© Giuseppe Giudici

Sculptural sundials

  • • Giuseppe is a self-taught gnomonist
  • • He creates sundials and armillary spheres
  • • His youthful passion has become his career

Giuseppe Giudici was a teenager fond of painting and the fine arts, when an encounter with gnomonics led him to fall in love with the discipline. Now he’s a self-taught craftsman with over 30 years of experience. He creates sundials in marble, stone, bronze, steel and other solar timekeeping devices, such as armillary spheres (astrolabes) in steel for exteriors. Since a solar clock quadrant is the mathematical projection of the celestial vault, every sundial is site-specific, to grant a chronometric precision: a gnomon indicates the time of the day by casting a shadow as the sun moves across the sky. Giuseppe takes care of every phase of the project, the scientific, technical and artistic elements which include astronomic calculations, production, installation and decoration.

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  • © Giuseppe Giudici
  • © Giuseppe Giudici
  • © Giuseppe Giudici
  • © Giuseppe Giudici
  • © Giuseppe Giudici
Photo: © Giuseppe Giudici
Sundial on garden armillary sphere

This handcrafted corten steel sundial is able to show the three-dimensional representation of the real celestial vault, its orientation and its axis of rotation. The main meridians, the circle of the celestial equator, the arcs of the solstices and the poles are represented in the sphere. For this model, corten steel was used in order to also use the oxidation of the material to express the passage of time.

Height 48 cm
Diameter 40 cm

Photo: © Giuseppe Giudici
Horizontal garden sundial

This horizontal sundial indicates the solstices, equinoxes and the entire astronomical calendar. It shows the true solar time of the place and for each day of the year the minutes to be added to obtain the time of the time zone. The horizontal plate in porcelain stoneware is screen-printed with ceramic colours and the stylus is polished stainless steel and 24 carat gold-plated brass.

Length 50 cm
Width 25 cm
Height 40 cm

Photo: © Giuseppe Giudici
Transparent vertical sundial

This transparent sundial shows the projection of the part of the sky that is in front of the instrument. When illuminated by the sun, the shadow of the small sphere indicates the local time, and the zodiacal position of the sun.

Length 30 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 40 cm

Photo: © Giuseppe Giudici
Frescoed sundial

This fresco with silicate colours indicates the time and the complete astronomical calendar. The scrolling of the sphere’s shadow indicates the time and the zodiacal position of the sun. The summer and winter birds represent the alternation of the seasons, the flower depicted in all its phases, from the bud to the withered flower to the seed, alludes to the seasons of life.

Length 100 cm
Height 137 cm

Photo: © Giuseppe Giudici
Orologi solari da giardino

Various types of horizontal and sculptural type garden sundials. All are individually designed based on the geographical coordinates of the place where they are installed. The range provides the possibility of choosing the type, materials, dimensions and all the various possibilities of time systems or astronomical indications to be indicated on the instruments according to the different needs of the clients.

Length 60 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 70 cm

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