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Rosmundo Giarletta

Rosmundo Giarletta Jewellery maker
Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 20:00
+39 0828365987
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The goldsmith who stopped at Eboli

  • • Rosmundo created the figurative honeycomb technique
  • • He is inspired by the beauty that surrounds him
  • • He seeks to convey emotions in his work

“I chose this profession,” says Rosmundo Giarletta, “because I think it is really special and unique to give shape and life to our emotions and feelings through the most noble and ancient of metals: gold. When it is expertly shaped by the goldsmith, gold spans the centuries, symbolising the culture and traditions of ancient civilisations.” The figurative honeycomb technique is Rosmundo’s invention and the signature ingredient of his creations. Now handed down to his sons Francesco and Giuseppe, this unique technique consists of a mysteriously intricate game of spaces and shadows, matt patches versus shiny ones, through which Rosmundo expresses the emotions and the history of his region and his clients.

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Madre Natura

This graceful butterfly represents the inspiration of poets, artists and musicians. Part of the Mother Nature collection, it’s a brooch-pendant, entirely pierced by hand in 18k gold. The piece dazzles with brilliant-cut diamonds, along with eight wonderful fancy-cut emeralds, the gem which represents artistic expression.

Length 3.6 cm
Width 4.8 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

Inspired by the sun, these earrings emanate both peace and vitality at the same time. Crafted by hand with the figurative honeycomb technique, they radiate with a beautifully cut set of diamonds.

Diameter 2.5 cm
Length 4.1 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Sautoir Soli

This necklace with pendant is inspired by the sun of the south of Italy, always a muse in Rosmundo’s work. It is entirely handmade with the figurative honeycomb technique.

Diameter 2.3 cm
Diameter 1.3 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

On the front of the piece, man’s paths to Paradise, where the centre of light dwells, are shown in the glistening Rosmundo honeycomb technique. The arcs on the top of the medallion draw together the human and the divine, while the eight gates on the pendant suggest the cosmic order around the central octagon itself a symbol of fire and of the divine light. The seven niches that surround the pendant represent the seven prophets of Islam.

Length 18 cm
Width 12 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved

The most ancient talisman of neapolitan superstition undergoes an incredible makeover. Rosmundo’s cornetto sparkles, with its sleek and glamorous shades, ready to defeat with its glorious lights the jealousy and mediocrity surrounding us.

Length 4.1 cm

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