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© Pantou Ceramics
© Pantou Ceramics
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© Pantou Ceramics

Giampaolo Santoddì & Ilaria Biffara

Giampaolo Santoddì & Ilaria Biffara Ceramicist
Monday to Friday 10:00 - 19:00
+39 3896491844
© Pantou Ceramics

Everywhere ceramics

  • • Giampaolo and Ilaria create stateless ceramics
  • • They do everything by hand on the lathe
  • • They are inspired by nature and archaic forms

Pantoú Ceramics was established by Giampaolo Santoddì and Ilaria Biffara, who are originally from Caltagirone, a city in inland Sicily with an ancient ceramics and pottery tradition. They both grew up there, playing with soil and clay and hanging around old artisan workshops. After studying at the Ceramics Art High School – founded by Luigi Sturzo in 1918 – and specialising in this field, they decided to leave Caltagirone for Faenza. Pantoú is a Greek word meaning “everywhere” and when they named their atelier in 2015, they decided on the name as a way to describe and pay tribute to the stateless origins of their work. Ceramics are made out of substances which can be found on 90 percent of the surface of the Earth, so in many ways they are at home everywhere and nowhere.

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  • © Pantou Ceramics
  • © Pantou Ceramics
  • © Pantou Ceramics
  • © Pantou Ceramics
  • © Pantou Ceramics
Photo: © Pantou Ceramics

This glazed terracotta vase was shaped on the lathe. It was hand painted using an airbrush with a special matt yellow coating that gives the surface a slightly grainy texture. The profile is constituted by accentuated and sinuous curves.

Length 15 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 30 cm

Photo: © Pantou Ceramics
Trabocco e bicchiere

This fish-shaped pitcher and glass in glazed terracotta, was shaped on the lathe, modelled by hand and painted by airbrush with a special coating in ivory colour: the glass is characterised by a blue wavy base.

Length 18 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 33 cm

Photo: © Pantou Ceramics

This glazed terracotta bowl is matt blue in colour, it was shaped on the lathe and painted with both airbrush and brush. The signs of the fingertips characterise the back whilst shiny clouds in relief decorate the front, which is finished with a golden edge.

Height 7 cm
Diameter 30 cm

Photo: © Pantou Ceramics

This series of glazed terracotta bowls were shaped on a lathe and painted with both airbrush and brush. The front shows glossy, raised clouds on matt blue, the back shows a rough glaze and fingertip marks. They are finished with a glossy border.

Height 5 cm
Diameter 15 cm

Photo: © Pantou Ceramics

This terracotta dish was glazed using the airbrush and then painted with a brush. The majolica decoration is inspired by the ceramics of Caltagirone, Sicily, and is interrupted by the striking decorative spiral pattern of yellow, green and blue on a glossy white background.

Height 55 cm
Diameter 45 cm

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