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Gabrielle Rogers

  • S & G Ships in Bottles & Miniature Models
  • Miniature maker
  • Blonay, Switzerland
  • Master Artisan
Gabrielle Rogers Miniature maker
French, English
By appointment only
+41 799370251
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The landlocked boat builder

  • • Gabrielle is a lover of the sea
  • • She started her craft while living on a boat
  • • Her creations have a realistic setting

American-born but Swiss-based Gabrielle Rogers started creating ships in bottles in 2009 while living with her husband, a boat builder, on their boat. She saw a demonstration of an artist putting ships in bottles at the local maritime museum in North Carolina and was immediately intrigued by the craft. She decided to teach herself how to do this age-old sailors' craft. With a small box in the fore-cabin of their boat, she would work on her new-found passion while at anchor, perfecting her knowledge. Now based in Switzerland, she pursues her craft of the sea in a landlocked country, securing a cherished part of its maritime heritage.

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Feadship Mega Yacht

This miniature Feadship model was placed by Gabrielle Rogers inside a hand-blown glass bottle sitting on a wooden support. It has a solid wood hull and superstructure with individually planked wooden decks and a myriad of details – a pool, hot tub, deck furniture, port holes, antenna tower, and more. The slick hull is finished in glossy white paint. It is displayed running under power, on a calm blue sea with a trailing white wake.

Length 38 cm
Length 21 cm
Width 3.8 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Jaws scene in a bottle

This scene in a bottle depicts a combination of iconic moments from Spielberg’s film, Jaws. Hooper is being lowered into the water in the shark proof cage, while Quint throws the bait, and Brody prepares to fire upon the massive man-eating shark charging the Orca; a flock of seagulls fly overhead. Gabrielle Rogers placed the scene inside a lightly green tinted, bottle with the famous quote “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!” handwritten on the support.

Length 30 cm
Length 13.5 cm
Width 4 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Taeping restoration

This model was restored by Gabrielle Rogers after being severely damaged: the masts and many spars were broken, most sails ripped and rigging damaged. To maintain the original integrity and spirit of the model, she concentrated her focus on understanding and applying the methods and materials used by master builder Donald McNarry. Gabrielle fabricated a new glass case, refinished the sea, and the Tea Clipper Taeping sails elegantly under full canvas once again.

Length 39 cm
Width 19 cm
Height 23.4 cm

Photo: © Corinne Cuendet
Phoebus 3 Tonneaux

The Phoebus is part of the Lac Leman series of ships in bottles. The yacht is of solid hull construction with an open cockpit. Gabrielle Rogers has depicted her sailing under full canvas, in a light breeze, over gently breaking waves with a small figure handling the tiller. The boat is displayed in a lovely, pink tinted decanter to complete the composition.

Height 16.5 cm

Photo: © All rights reserved
Shackleton Endurance Expedition

Gabrielle Rogers has captured the daring expedition of Ernest Shackleton to Antarctica in a blown bottle adorned with a four lead Turk’s head knot. The three-masted ship is displayed trapped in pack ice, the men have set up camp, and they struggle to survive and escape their frozen confinement. Blocks of ice scatter the frozen landscape and a family of penguins watch on from under the bowsprit.

Height 32 cm
Diameter 17 cm

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